Earth is a Learning Center

DSCN2674This morning I woke up with a greater intention to break free from the patterns that are showing up over and over again.  Like everyone on Earth now…. All of us are learning something.  The school of life is making me ask more questions.  Am I being willing and teachable right now, or am I fighting against the flow.   I am no longer willing to bruise myself trying to swim up stream. Life is mirroring that all over the place.  I did that for most of my life.  I am doing my very best to see what is trying to come forth.

If I am uncomfortable with something going on, something that was said, or not said, that is my intuition telling me that I do not have the whole truth.  I practice asking Spirit to reveal what is not being said.  Show me what is trying to emerge so I can feel better.

That idea in itself is part of the problem I keep encountering that is true for most of us.  I want to stay in a “comfort zone” that life is not cooperating with.  That is just not going to happen if I choose to grow and expand spiritually.  That is true for us all.

What is pushing up against you that you are not willing to see clearly?  If we are feeling frustrated by life, by the people in our lives, our relationships at work at home, with ourselves, all of these are indicators that we are pushing up against our “comfort zones” and want life to conform to what we want or think we need.  That is just not going to happen, most of the time, and if it does, we won’t want the outcome.

I don’t even want it to happen, because if I get what I think I want, when I am off center, I only increase pain and suffering in myself and others.  Learning to stop trying to make life conform to my limited perceptions is a much happier intention.    I won’t have to numb out and fear what I do not know or understand.  I can relax more easily and won’t need to hide my head in the sands of delusion.

Life is challenging for us all right now.  For the extra sensitive types like myself, I tend to get an extra dose of “reality check” and I need to ask myself… what is trying to happen here that I am resisting and wanting to stay in an imagined comfort zone.  It is just a limitation and an obstacle course that I am encountering again because I have avoided it so many times before.   I choose to breath more easily.

Joy and Blessings.  Know that you are Loved.   Rev. Barb

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