Natural Love of the Heart Part 2

DSCN1895The whole world is getting a wake up call.  The Universe all around is calling us to our Highest Selves and that which is inclusive, serviceful, kind and unifying.  We are being called back to the Source, God within us.

So many of us are hearing the clarion call to expand the “love of our hearts.” Yet so many souls on this earth right now have little to no help at all.  This is not a marketing scheme to find ways to expand income and create an online business.  I am not judging that but that is not the purpose here.

It is my mission to support  the use conscious loving awakening tools that empower anyone who seeks to connect to the presence.  Every soul has a destiny to understand what that means and how to do it. It is a call for service and right action for every soul that knows how to reach God to help those that do not or cannot figure out what to do. Go within and listen to God by connecting and centering yourself in your heart.  Ask, Seek and Knock on the door of God within you.

The spirit of oneness is calling each one of us to play our part and go deeper.  I feel a call to go deeper into the profound harmony with the wisdom of universal truth than ever before.

The supportive guidance in the following paragraph comes from Paramhansa Yogananda’s 1932 edition of Metaphysical Meditations and is offered as a suggestion and conscious tool to help begin a meditation by centering devotionally in the heart.

Lock the eyelid doors and shut out the wild dance of tempting scenes. Drop your mind into the bottomless well of your heart. Hold the mind on your heart bubbling with your life-giving blood. Keep your attention tied to the heart, until you feel its rhythmic beat. With every heartbeat feel the knock of almighty Life. Picture the same all-pervading Life knocking at the heart-door of fifteen hundred million human bodies and of billions of living creatures. The heart-throb constantly, meekly announces the infinite power standing behind the doors of your awareness. The gentle beat of all-pervading Life says to you silently, “Do not receive only a little flow of My life, but expand the opening of thy feeling powers, and let Me flood thy blood, body, mind, feelings, and soul with My throbs of universal life.”

This works for me.  I offer it to you hoping that it will serve you in as you deepen your connection to Spirit.  Please let me know how you are doing on your spiritual journey.

Know that you are Loved,   Rev. Barb Walley

Is the Ego your friend? Part 2

I grew up thinking that developing a strong ego was a good thing.  What my spiritual journey has revealed is that it is really about how I protect myself from what I fear.  All of the many ego identifications are often about what we like or what we dislike.  Whatever we identify with will always create fences that define our limitations and block others out.  We all have oodles and bundles of self definitions.  We just do not recognize them as that.

The ego takes sides – and expresses the color, shape  and size of the limitations that we choose. It is not very obvious that we are up to that It is what sets us apart from the other souls on the planet who have more or less than we do.  They live in other countries, cultures or economic realities.  We create fences with so many of our thoughts, beliefs and .

We construct brick fences, or thick concrete fences, or high barbed wire fences, or electric fences, glass transparent ones that block others out.  They are all how we limit ourselves and keep others out of our lives.  It is about what we think will keep us safe.  It is our delusional fears that are triggering in us.

The fences can be economic, social, cultural, racial and they often translate into divisions.  They invoke feelings that mask the Soul.  In our souls we are one.  In the heart of God we are one.

When the hurricanes head into an area of the world – they come to everyone regardless of the economic or social circumstances.  It blows its ravaging winds upon everyone in its path. The rich might be able to escape more quickly if they have the means available to them, and sadly the poor and sick are not as easily served.

Only Spirit within us can set us free.  When we identify with God and choose that energy that lifts us toward our higher self, we have an opening to possibilities

The great Spiritual Master – Paramhansa Yogananda said that limitations are like putting on a very heavy coat on a very hot summer day.

All of these fences are “agitations of the heart” and they delude us and disturb the mind and body with the conditions and beliefs that we fool ourselves into believing.  I am on a journey to bring more love, more authenticity and service into the world as it is.

I am a spiritual life coach and I do engaging workshops, speak at meetings and in spiritual centers.  I teach one on one, in groups.

Know that you are Loved,  Rev Barb Walley



Walking Through the Storm

I was having a particularly challenging morning today and it was triggered by the news that I read on the internet.  I was just browsing my emails and not guarding my sensitivity level because it was early and the brazen and aggressive news hit me smack dab in my heart and my head.  I immediately felt restless and nervous about what is happening to the our beautiful planet, our country and the many innocent souls who are the hardest hit by greed and ignorance.

When circumstances, people or situations hit us over the head because we were caught off guard, it is very useful to have a few time tested tools available to apply to our current mind set or we will be drawn into the energy, emotional drama or the dominant attitude being expressed.

I was suddenly feeling anxious and my plan for the morning had been ease and grace, doing my meditation, staying centered and calm and the opposite came forth because I had been triggered and had no healthy screen in place.

Once again, God brought me to a challenge that was going to stretch my inner life skills to work through the feelings of fear and insecurity that came up when I read a few of my emails.

I realized that I was barely alert and I needed to be kind and accepting of myself where I was at, in the moment.  Not that I should pamper myself and play out “poor me” scenarios.  I was aware that I needed to be compassionate and conscious and I needed a healthy strategy to find a way to gently shift my gears.

I went for a short ride with my dog to Masters Market at Ananda Village and picked up one of my favorite breakfast sandwich and then went to share some extra fresh tomatoes I had with a friend.  If we are too absorbed in our own suffering it is time to give more generously of ourselves.   I had to break out of self concern and give my energy to help someone else.  Giving of ourselves when we are challenged or moody, frustrated or upset is the best way to utilize our misdirected energy.  Be generous with our lives and we simply can’t  out-give God or the universe.  With a loving and empowering attitude the energy will shift and change and the thunder storm will pass.

Know that You are Loved,  Rev. Barb