Affirmations for Well Being

Use one of these positive affirmations for breaking through any negative pattern and subconscious tendency that is holding you back. Find your freedom and joy by practicing these healing affirmations and prayers daily.

Affirmations for Being More Positive:

  • I breath in the Presence of Love.  (hand on heart for 10 sec)  Knowing that I am tuning into the Love Intelligence that created life, I speak my word of faith knowing an inner shift is mine right now.  And So It Is!
  • I release fear, separation and judgment that is causing me pain.  I let go of habits of suffering!
  • I listen with an open heart to the Truth that I and my Father are one.  Love is always present in my life.
  • I practice forgiveness of myself and others.  I choose to be free!
  • I surrender this stressful mental habit from my life right now.  In conscious relationship with Spirit, I breath in the Presence of Love that guides my Life.  I seek and accept greater clarity, peace and joy. With gratitude and appreciation I Thank You Divine Presence for your constant guidance, partnership and joy.
  • I know that I am loving, loveable and loved!

Affirmations to Experience more Joy:

  • I am attuned to spirit within me and I rejoice in this moment.
  • I welcome joy into my life now, I breath it in.
  • I am spontaneous & open to participate in new experiences.
  • I love to explore new attitudes and exciting things.
  • I love being in the glorious Presence right here and now.
  • I celebrate the wonders of life.
  • I am open to the wonder of joy coming into my life.
  • I am willing to risk being the fullness of who I Am.
  • I love to live in joy and I affirm this is an active part of me.
  • I embrace this very precious moment life is offering me.
  • I am open and receptive to joyful people, places and experience.  I invite them into my life.
  • I invite wonderful friendships to flourish in my life. I welcome you into my heart now!
  • I rejoice in the wonders of life all around me.
  • I am grateful for the goodness that is mine each day.  Thank you Beloved!

Gratitude for What Is:

  • I am grateful for my life just the way it is.
  • My heart is open and receptive and for this I am deeply grateful.
  • Regardless of the changes all around me, I choose to be grateful.
  • I open to the greater flow of life.
  • I am always right where I need to be.
  • I am divinely guided, directed and empowered by love.  Deeply grateful… I am receptive, responsive and in tune.
  • Thank you Spirit for our constant partnership.  I  hold you in my heart and mind and choose to be attuned always.

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