Spiritual Growth Tips for Balancing Emotions

Spiritual Growth Tips for Your Spiritual Tool Box

Learning to observe ourselves and watch the tendencies of our thoughts is a life skill that makes a huge difference in our ability to be happy and free.  It is not an instantaneous skill but even beginning to be aware does make a difference and eases up the drain on our energy flow.   Jesus and many other Spiritual Masters tell us to “Know Thyself.”   Learn to deeply reflect upon the tendency of our thoughts and find out what drives us.  Eventually we will gain a deeper perception of who we really are beyond the dramas of our lives.

How to Achieve Emotional Balance

Emotional balance comes through awareness and applying wisdom to the situations, thoughts, feelings and circumstances that come up in our lives that drain our energy.   One of the major motivations I’ve had in my life is to master my emotions.   My life is my litmus test.  I began to measure the effect of   the drain I felt each time I struggled with the dramas in my life.  I watched my feelings and saw how easily I was drained to exhaustion because I was not mastering my own energy flow.   When things happened and relationships challenged me I used the tools I had in my toolbox if I remembered to.

The Heart Math Solution

The HeartMath Solution is a wonderful book that I highly recommend that teaches how we can lower stress hormones, raise our anti-aging DHEA hormones, improve our heart rates and maintain emotional clarity.   My interest in the content is on several levels and the primary reason is the great tools that I can offer you, that add to the spiritual life toolbox that I share on this blog and in my coaching sessions.

How to Deal Better with Emotions

So I am learning to audit my energy more frequently.   My daily Spiritual Practice is always to “Practice the Presence” of God in my life.   I meditate daily, do Kriya Yoga, use affirmations to lift my energy to higher consciousness, and I audit my thoughts, feeling, reactions, and watch the flow of my energy.   In the best of times it is in the moment when I am most alert.  In challenging times it can be in retrospect because the stress of the moment threw me off balance and I had to re-group.

So since this work has been so much a part of my own life, it has become quite evident to me that I must share it with you, so that you too, can gain greater emotional balance for yourself if that is an issue with you.   My heartfelt intention is to help you tune into your highest potential and connect with the Source of Life that will bring the Joy and Love of the Presence into your life more fully.

Affirmation for Emotional Balance:

Affirm with me while please placing your hand upon your heart:
I release stress from my life right now.I breath in the Presence of Love that guides my Life.
I seek and accept greater clarity, peace and joy.
With gratitude and appreciation I Thank You Divine Presence.

…And So It Is!
Know that you are Loved!

Blessings and Joy, Rev. Barb

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One thought on “Spiritual Growth Tips for Balancing Emotions

  1. Your emotional health is most closely linked to your spiritual health and intellectual health. Your emotional health can give you clues about your spiritual health. It can be regulated by your thinking and intellectual health. It is also linked to your physical health. If you are feeling good, you will live longer.

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