Affirmations for Each Day

Daily Affirmations that Empower your Life:

Saturday:  Today, I intend to live my life as a conscious , awake and aware being of light.  I release all resistance and  call forth the good that is available right now. Today, I accept and celebrate the goodness of life within and all around me.

Sunday:   Today, I am in touch with the love of my higher holy self.  My soul leads me in very creative expressions that flow in perfect ways.  I live in the divine pulse and flow of life. I release any attachments that might show up.  I welcome new possibilities for contributing love and service and I invite new experiences into my life today.

Monday:  Today, I Forgive Myself and all others for the conscious, unconscious or sub-subconscious automatic behaviors that come forth from being asleep in the moment.   I choose to be free from all past choices  or mistakes.

Tuesday:  I welcome the Presence into my life.  I trust that there is great good within and all around me.  I surrender to the power and the grace of God that is my divine partner in all that I think, say and do.  YES!

Wednesday:  I trust that I am divinely guided in every area of my life.  I have faith and trust in the power of my word, which is the word of God spoken in, through, and as me.  I expect the good to show up in new and wonderful ways.

Thursday:  I give great thanks for my relationship with Spirit.  I am  open and willing to expand my trust in the Divine that expresses in, through and as me.  I am receptive to living my life purpose with joy, grace and gratitude.

Friday:  I tap into the omnipresent power of God, that operates in my life to empower, bless and lift my life into ever expanding realms of good, service and acts of kindness and love.

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