Affirmations & Prayer


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Affirmative Prayer Treatment: Attuning Myself to Love

Realizing that There is One Power and One Presence, I consciously choose to dwell in the awareness of the truth that transcends the small and meaningless things in life.  I call forth the Omnipresent good that amplifies its awareness in, through and as me. Knowing that we are one I know that nothing is impossible to that very substance of life that is operating within and all around me right now.

I fully attune myself to its nature and realize that as I breath more fully, this very instant, that within me there are no obstructions in my pathway of mind, body or spirit. I use the same mind that created the universe, it operates upon my every thought, attitude and deed. I deliberately choose to think only thoughts worthy of loves presence and expect the grace of spirit to come forth in perfect and uplifting ways that bless my life and life upon this planet. I am truly grateful for all that is mine to experience. I pray and accept the highest good for myself and everyone and share the benefits of this good with everyone now and forevermore.

Any and all challenges along the way are in the past and the future is bright with a new promise. God is right where I am and I am truly grateful that the love of God will always be with me. I will never be left alone and I will always place my life in the hands of the divine in every moment I can. Love has a hold of me and it will never let me go. I listen to the Presence as It tells me of all of the good that is mine to enjoy and experience, share and bless others with. Love always reminds me of the good that is possible and is always before me. The way is available, open and clear before me right now. I turn over all my thoughts and distractions as I release any fear immediately upon recognition of it. I handle any doubtful thought as it appears and declare it to be nothing, placing it on the altar fire of the Holy Spirit and quickly it dissolves into the nothingness from which it came. I am motivated by trust and faith. I am always moved and inspired by Spirit. I give thanks and celebrate that I am guided by the light and led forward each day by the ever expanding goodness and my hearts eternal partnership with the Love Itself.  And So It Is!

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