Welcome Great Souls

Prakriti 7How can we live meaningful lives amidst the radically changing world right now?  In every moment we have another opportunity to attune ourselves to our higher selves and the Source of Life.  This website and blog is dedicated to the personal and spiritual growth of souls who are seeking supportive ways to grow more deeply in truth, authenticity and generosity of the heart.  My  and leave with transformation and Over five years ago I moved to Spiritual Community where I could expand my daily spiritual practice and dedicate my life to becoming fully Self Realized.   Most of the time we all take tiny steps and there are occasional leaps in awareness.  I am a joyful speaker, teacher and a workshops presenter, I have been speaking in CA, the Midwest, and in the US and Canada.  You Tube features a few of my talks.

Sacred Life Skills was created to serve you on your journey of self-discovery and personal transformation.  The skills and tools I present here, in all speaking and workshops I present, can help you draw out your natural gifts and embrace your spiritual relationship with the divine.   Spirit expresses hope and empowerment through me and provides essential and practical tools that helps us live joyfully.   The healing techniques I offer are integrative and will help you and your community access greater freedom from limitations that obstruct higher intentions from taking root and blooming in our lives.

I am Rev. Barb Walley and I promise you that you can let go of old thoughts, beliefs and attitudes that have caused you considerable pain and suffering.  You can change your limiting beliefs, thoughts and feelings and let the refreshing realization of happiness come alive in your life.

If you are asking how, it is all about reconnecting with your inner, highest Self and learning how to navigate the river of life that is your divine nature.  You can do this!

On this website I offer articles, skills and information on healing, affirmations and tools that you can add to your own spiritual tool box.  Don’t ever give up.  You can shift the current reality of your existence and enter into the universal flow of Spirit and find your life purpose.   I am a seasoned and trained Spiritual Life Coach. I provide personal guidance, workshops and ministerial services for individuals, groups, and organizations world-wide.

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