Living Emotionally Free


Choose to be Free

What does it mean to live “Emotionally Free.”?  When I realized the power that my emotions had upon me, I knew that I had lots of work to do to master feelings that intruded upon my life.  I knew that I was being guided by a power greater than myself.  I began to take classes at New Thought centers in Los Angeles, Glendale, Huntington Beach and Redondo Beach.  I studied and practiced at workshops that taught meditation and I learned from many of the New Thought greats like Jack Canfield, Marianne Williamson, many Science of Mind teachers including Dr. Michael Beckwith and many more very wise souls.  Eventually I realized that I was meant to teach what I was integrating into my life.  During many years of internal emotional work I saw how this essential work had a significant impact on my happiness, joy and sense of well being.  I had to use every tool that I was blessed with along the way to break free from the emotional baggage that I had been carrying for my whole life.  I was clearly on a path toward Self Realization that was opening up all the avenues of awareness to me and eventually led me to the practice of Kriya Yoga as taught by Paramhansa Yogananda and Ananda.

I began a serious journey to “Emotional Freedom” in the early seventies when I began to realize the impact that my emotions had upon my well being.  I saw how I could be tripped up and blocked by fear, blame, rejection, guilt, and self criticism.  I began to realize how these and other toxic emotions were blocking my spiritual growth and development.  I began a journey that was likely to last my whole life.  

In the 1980’s I produced a cable television show in Los Angeles called the “Art of Communication” for over seven years because I saw that most of us needed to learn how to communicate.  I saw a great need to understand myself and others in ways that opened our hearts and minds to connecting instead of rejecting or competing with others.  Over the years I realized that I had made a lifetime commitment to self reflection, being more honest, open, and learning to be kind with my communications. It is still a constant daily focus that is an important part of my spiritual practice today. These great tools support me in balancing and integrating my heart with my mind and my soul.   It keeps me in tune and in contact with the Divine on a continuous basis.

My life is about Self Realization and Emotional Freedom.  I present workshops and speak at Centers for Spiritual Living, Unity, at business meetings and at a variety of other venues.  I speak on many topics including Emotional Freedom and I share many effective tools that help one develop a conscious practice.  Many great universal, yet non-religious tools that I use were assimilated and integrated into my life from over 25 years of practice, study and teaching universal wisdom teachings.  Many are rooted in New Thought, Science of Mind and I have integrated many tools from my daily practice of Raja Yoga teachings over the last several years.  

My life is focused on healing “Emotions” by anchoring ourselves in conscious practices that the Universe has provided.  I teach the compassionate tools and practices that have helped me live a life of greater freedom, joy and awareness.

I am available by phone and email and I speak at gatherings, events and centers in the United States, Canada, Mexico and wherever spirit leads me.   You can find me on Facebook, Twitter,LinkedIn and I have a blog/website on

Joy and Blessings to you.  Know that you are greatly Loved,  Rev. Barb Walley    

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