Healthy Emotional Practices

You can have more Emotional choices:

Rev. Barb treats anxiety, stress, or emotional pain, additions, traumas, or other emotional challenges. It is especially designed for changing the experiences that we continue to draw to ourselves, and helping one draw out a new and healed version of ourselves.

Emotionally Freedom Technique proposes that emotions themselves have an innately adaptive potential that, if activated, can help clients change problematic emotional states or unwanted self-experiences.   Emotions themselves are not an obstacle.  It is a persons incapacity to manage their emotions and use them constructively that creates the problems one encounters. Emotions are connected to our most essential needs. They are red flags that alert us to situations that we need our attention to grow and advance along  our life path. They call our attention to thoughts, patterns, beliefs and behaviors that reveal significant blocks that need to be released and new energy directed towards meeting our higher needs. Clients that learn and use EFT are helped to better identify, experience, explore, make sense of, transform and flexibly manage their emotional experiences.

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