Look more deeply Within…

“I’m like the fog – you’re the Infinite Sea – everything about you is a Mystery.  Your love is always free… like the birds in the air, children everywhere, the winds blowing fair on the sea.”   c1981   


Choose to be Free

What is important to you, right now, in your life?  I have seen how easy it is to get caught up in shallow or temporary distractions.  When I get hooked, I find it is far too easy to forget to look more deeply into my heart and soul and see what is more important to me and what is a minor interest competing for my attention.

Recently a couple of friends came over for a visit.  Our conversation reflected our past and what brought us to our spiritual paths.  Even though we’ve been friends for years, I had not shared a deep part of myself, my passion and journey as a song writer and some of the more meaningful experiences that I had in the entertainment industry.

I shared a couple of the early devotional songs that I wrote in the 1980’s.  The songs were inspired by my study of the “The Course in Miracles,” reflecting some of the moments of amazing grace and an ever deepening relationship with God.  The songs emerged through me in a very magical way and everything about them came forth mysteriously.

One of the lines in a song said, “Everything about you is a mystery.  Your love is always free, like the birds in the air, children everywhere, the winds blowing fair on the sea.”

Today, the wind is blowing fair on the sea.  What is still true for me is the “amazing grace” that comes through those most precious times when I am in attunement with Spirit.  It changes my consciousness, it shifts my heart and awareness and my spirit is lifted out of the mundane.

Learning to deepen my spiritual relationship to my Source through daily spiritual practice helps me keep my heart open and connected to the Divine and my higher self.  The magic is much more subtle than my song writing days were and the vibrations last longer than the intensely short and sweet resonance of a song.   The power of Divine Love opens my heart and lifts me up without setting up an ego trap to reel me in – one more time.

Know that you are Loved,  Rev. Barb Walley



2 thoughts on “Look more deeply Within…

  1. This has good timing I have always wanted everybody in my life to be happy forgetting about my own happiness or self-worth or self-confidence, but now it’s time for me to be happy and everybody is feeling left out. However I AM doing what I need and LOVE for myself for awhile anyway! Thank you for this post!

    • Dear Jina: It is wonderful to hear that this blog touched you in a meaningful way. That is my intention and when we have to face the reality that our lives are needing to be more balanced, there are adjustments that we have to make that can be tough for people who expect us to stay the same. Healthy self care does not mean we forget the ones we love. My discovery along the way was that I had been leaving myself out of the mix and did not know how to make those adjustments with grace. That demanded that I have divine partnership and realize when I was on my own,trying to walk on water instead of getting into the boat that would carry me over the lake of delusion.

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