Affirm the Truth (part 1)

When I first began using affirmations, I repeated them a few times and hoped that what I had affirmed would manifest.  When they did not, I thought they just did not work.  Have you used affirmations in your life?  If you’ve tried using them and did not receive the results that you had hoped for, it might be because of the way that you used them. 

Affirmations are very creative and powerful tools of manifestation. When they are spoken with the vibration of Spirit behind them, coupled with sincerity, faith, trust and conviction they are vibrational explosions that shatter the illusion of the difficulties we are dealing with.

The strength of our word comes from the cosmic vibratory power that is behind all of creation and is made of the same atomic energies that exist in all manifestations. When we are centered in our connection with Spirit and we are clear that our word has the power of the divine behind it, believe me…. it has a much greater potential of coming forth into form or manifestation.

We have to let go of the struggle we have had with not manifesting and the issues that have prevented the demonstration from coming forth in the past.  Our stories keep old habits alive and rooted within us because we keep repeating the lack of positive results instead of planting more affirmative seeds that we intend to bring forth.

Awareness is a divine gift of observation.  Progress is made even if it is just a glimpse or an awareness that we have mis-directed our beliefs and that has kept what we do not want in place.  That is why it is so essential to see our thoughts, attitudes and beliefs clearly…. So we can change the direction of our applied energy.  Spiritual masters have been teaching and revealing this for thousands of years.   “It shall happen unto you as you believe.” We are living in times when we need to use the power of our love, our thoughts and intention to direct our energies wisely.

If you have not been successful in the past, don’t worry, you can still change that.  Never give up!  Learning to use new tools might take little longer than we want planned, but dedicating our intentions to succeed with the help of Spirit will open the window to new energy that will lead us to where we desire to go.

Affirm your truth, and trust in the power of Spirit to guide you along the path to greater and ever greater growth and transformation.  You do deserve your good and everything in the universe is conspiring to help you reach your goals in this life.

Know that you are Loved.  Blessings and Joy,  Rev. Barb

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