Love is an Inside Job


Shanti and me on a walk at AnandaWhen the rains come down and the skies are grey, it is easy for many of us to forget that there is a light within us.  Those are the times when I have to shift something because my energy drops and I am not my spunky self.

I have learned over the years of my life, especially in difficult times, that there is hope and possibilities for a better disposition for this day if I can keep pushing my inner reset button until I tune into a spiritual transformation and uplifting vibration.

Hope comes from connecting to something larger than ourselves and it comes through us when we include Spirit in our thoughts, attitudes and our practices.  On tough days, that could be just a thought, and a prayer, or a short walk, or a hug I give my precious dog Shanti.  Love comes from within us yet it expresses and blooms its energy when we include that which is greater than the ego and personality.

Energy research reports that our autonomic nervous system, which regulates breathing, circulation, and digestion is very responsive to a positive shift in our attitude.  Exercise boosts our serotonin levels.  If I am feeling stuck I am not likely to exercise or do anything productive until I can step my energy up.  When I need to shift gears to greater perspective because I am stuck in the mud of too much thinking, and not enough doing, I need some help.

Many of us have the habit of drinking a cup of coffee in the morning to get going.  I have learned to limited myself to one cup a day.  Since I fill my cup with ¾ milk and heat that up before adding coffee, I really only drink ½ cup because I usually enjoy have two cups full of my coffee in the morning.  Any more than that seems to cause nervousness and is counter productive.

If you are feeling depressed and find that you are not making the best choices for your well being, you are a sitting duck and are likely to get trapped by substance abuse, depleting neurotransmitters, which causes depression.  It takes the joy out of our lives and we might not even notice it because we are caught in the drama.  Don’t let depression amplify the feelings of fear, isolation and disconnection to yourself, others and life itself.  It is often biochemical we can shift with the boosting of our neurotransmitters and then we can restore our balance and find the joy in living once again.  Love includes positive self-care and awareness.

Know that you are Loved,   Rev. Barb

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