Reprogram your Subconscious


12541121_10206969246342996_7313809535715444090_nAs I have been meditating over the years now, I have seen a pattern in myself that we all have.  It is projecting my unhealed stuff within on others. Perhaps you have noticed that in yourself or others.

I have set an intentional goal of Self Realization in this life time. That is a considerable feat if you have been hiding from yourself at all.  Without intending to, I gave my subconscious a huge assignment to bring up all the stuff that is unresolved so I can release it from my unconscious.  There was a major part of a generation that did that in the 60’s and 70’s and many souls are using drugs today with no awareness of what they are calling forth from the depths of the unconscious.   Some were able to benefit from the collective exploration and others were deeply wounded by bringing up too much too quickly and did not have the tools to awaken and realize what was being triggered.

During daily spiritual practice we awaken emotions that have been stored in the depths of the unconscious mind to heal and eventually transform.  Many souls do not realize that the subconscious mind never sleeps.  It keeps handing us one task after another and our inner plate can fill up quickly.  Unaware we will find ourselves unable to handle considerable stress levels that most people numb out with alcohol, drugs, food, TV, sex, shopping, busy-ness and a variety of diversions.

I’ve realized that when my stress level rises, I can feel so off balance that  my breathing mirrors my current state of mind.  That is when I have to keep up with my inner practices’ and remain as fully conscious as possible.

I have made a commitment to be helpful to others by being transparent with my process so others, who might relate to what I am sharing, can also heal the inner dialog that keeps them from being free from the stress, pain and suffering that plagues souls who silently suffer, if they do not have effective tools to deal with what is happening.

We are all being guided by Spirit to the degree that we allow it.  Paramahansa Yogananda said “For those who think me near, I shall ever be near.”  We are never alone and left to suffer without empowering help.  My subconscious mind has been on alert for some time and since I have been practicing Kriya Yoga, it has accelerated greatly.

I observe my level of acceptance and rejection that my instinctive mind is passing along.  Most of us carry an overloaded invisible storage of inner boxes in the subconscious mind.  The unopened emotional boxes have been there for lifetimes and the patterns are very ingrained until we cleanse and release them to be resolved so they can no longer disturb us.

When I see something that I do not like in someone else and it is affecting me emotionally, I know that I have to face it within my own subconscious mind.  The issue is located within me, right there, no matter what is happening on the outside.  This is true for everyone and many of us spend lifetime after lifetime blaming other people, our world, the stock fluctuations for our stress, pain and suffering.  Our nerves get rattled and we can only see what is going on in the news, at work, in the traffic, the chaos, the fear of not having enough rarely seeing that the disturbance is within us.

This lifetime, this is one of my major areas of service.  I am seeing how to filter these patterns out from behind the thin veil and bring them to the surface without judging them, fearing them, interpreting them negatively, or getting triggered by shame or regret about the situation. I simply witness and reprogram the memory and lift it into the light knowing in time the shift always takes place.  In prayer and meditation, and conscious practice of using my will power and by the grace and partnership of Spirit the change comes.  I place it on the altar of the Divine, where it is transmuted and released.

You can do this also.  I am available to help and support you in your process.

Know that you are Loved,  Rev Barb

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