Me Syndrome

Whatever is going on in our lives, it is never just about us.  Even though everyone of us has a part of us that is more interested in ourselves, what we want and need, then we are in anyone else, that is counterproductive to being happy.  When our only focus is on what I need, how is this going to affect me, it almost always leads us down a path of negativity.  Even though it is quite natural to consider ourselves, being only about “me” won’t ever bring forth happiness.  It’s tunnel vision created by the desire to receive for ourselves alone and it drains the collective system because it lacks consideration for others.  We are here to gain mastery over our lives.  Life will provide a continuous inner battle that we will have with our consciousness to move us beyond our egos limited view.

I believe that Divine Mother is always giving us thousands upon thousands of opportunities to realize our true selves, our higher selves.  As we grow and expand our awareness, we either choose to include others in our considerations or life will clobber us over the head or our hearts, once, twice and more to encourage us to take a look at each life situation from another perspective.  When we grow more compassionate and we are willing to embrace a more expansive view, things do shift.  I have had many situations that have grown my understanding and my ability to address the needs of others.  They did not all come easily.  It has been my experience that I had to change my habits of heart and mind to grow and change and I have become happier along the way.

We are here to grow beyond the challenges and limitations that come through the egoic self. We struggle with our perceptions, beliefs and feelings. Life does not have to be a battle even though it can feel like that some of the time.  The battle is within the mind and resistance shows up because of where we focus our attention.

No matter how much we read, study, meditate and practice, if we do not step up and stretch beyond our comfort zone when the divine gives us the opportunity to grow, we will restrict our progress and frustrate ourselves.  We know when we are being called into a greater expression of Spirit within us.  We must venture into the unknown to keep growing spiritually.

So join me today as I choose conscious divine partnership on this journey of my life and I invite a more expansive awareness to guide, teach and reveal to me any selfish tendencies within my psyche that will prevent me to being in service to others.

Know that you are loved.  Rev. Barb Walley



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