Heart Centered Communication

When was the last time that you had an opportunity to speak from your heart when things were beginning to feel stressful. Some of us have a tendency to react to moments of stress by becoming defensive, or agitated, some people retreat and withdraw themselves, some are reactive and angry and feel put off when something happens that is out of their control. What I have learned is that all of life is out of my control and that I had entertained a belief that was completely misleading and powerless. I no longer believe that I had any control over life or any other person in my life. I can influence others if I choose to. The only one I have any modicum of control over is myself. The only thing that I have any control over is: I can choose my thoughts, my attitudes and behaviors and how I respond to situations that come up in my life.

My life purpose includes being a beneficial presence by sharing the spiritual realizations that I have experienced with others on the planet. I choose to be as loving and heart centered as I can be in any given moment. When I am fully present and feeling good, that is much easier to do. When I am distracted and my attention is split in multiple directions, that is much harder to accomplish. When I am not feeling physically or emotionally well, that is nearly impossible to do. So my clarity comes through knowing where I am, most if not, all of the time. Monitoring my feelings and being aware of what is driving me, helps me stay centered and prevents me from living in constant reaction to waves of life’s ups and down, in every kind of situation, relationship and circumstance.

Paramahansa Yogananda has guided the western culture into the paths of yoga to help us learn to become mental surfers. We need to become aware of the thoughts we allow to dominate our mentality. He tells us to think of all of our life circumstances as waves that we learn to ride that we have no direct control over. We are on the planet to learn to ride the waves of life with wisdom and release all foolish notions that trap us into negative mind sets. Just like a surfer, we need to learn to go with the currents of life, seeking to ride the best waves that we can and align ourselves with uplifting currents. Each day we have another opportunity to flow with life, and be aware when we are not in the flow, and learn to correct ourselves. That is one very valuable keys to spiritual liberation.

Know that you are Deeply Loved!   Rev. Barb

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