Emotional Freedom mini time out

 DSCN1895Are you feeling overly sensitive, reactive or drained?  When our emotions are getting stirred up it is easy to feel drained by our reactions to some  energy.  I find it necessary to become very attuned to the fact that at this moment I am not aware of what is influencing my energy.  I know that I am an empath and I pick up energy around me and suddenly I am bothered and not feeling well.  So if possible I take a short time out to tune into my own heart and energy so I can realize what is happening.

If this happens to you, simply excuse yourself if at all possible.  It is time for a mini meditation or refresher.  Wherever you are take a few conscious deliberate breaths.  Notice where you are feeling the energetic upset.  I practice getting into my spine. This What helps me is to stand up tall, slightly bend your knees… and feel the weight of your torso on your rear.  Bounce ever so slightly.   Or you can put left hand on the bottom of your spine and right hand between your eyebrows at the spiritual eye)  Take a few deep breaths.  Breath fully several times and feel the energy shift.  You can imagine your favorite peaceful place.  I love sitting on by the ocean or a river and listening to the rhythm of the waves or rushing water.  One of my sacred retreating spot is in rolling hills overlooking the sun setting and watching the light change in the sky.  When I need to restore my energy, I think of those places and breath.  Wherever you can go, find a private place to restore your equilibrium.  This will just take a few moments to help you find your center again.

Know that you are Loved!   Rev. Barb

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