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Is your Ego your friend? Part 3

DSCN2500I grew up thinking that developing a strong ego was a good thing.  What my spiritual journey has revealed is that it is really about how I protect myself from what I fear.  All of the many ego identifications are often about what we like or what we dislike.  Whatever we identify with will always create fences that define our limitations and block others out.  We all have oodles and bundles of self definitions.  We just do not recognize them as that.

The ego takes sides and expresses the color, shape and size of the conditions or boundaries that we feel that we need or choose.  It might not be very obvious that we are doing our best to be safe from whoever or whatever is in control.  It is what sets us apart from the other souls on the planet who have more or less than we do.  They might live in other countries, cultures or economic realities.  We create fences with so many of our thoughts, beliefs and current comforts.

We construct brick fences, or thick concrete fences, or high barbed wire fences, or electric fences, and even glass or clear transparent ones.  What they all do is say “do not enter” or “stay away.”  They are all constructed to block others out.  They are all how we limit ourselves and convince ourselves in believing we are “safe”.  It is what we imagine or think will keep us safe.  It is our fear that is actually triggering us.

The fences can be economic, social, cultural, racial and they often translate into divisions.  They invoke feelings that mask the Soul.  In our souls we are one.  In the heart of God we are one.

When the hurricanes head into an area of the world – they come to everyone regardless of the economic or social circumstances.  It blows its ravaging winds upon everyone in its path. The rich might be able to escape more quickly if they have the means available to them, and sadly the poor and sick are not as easily served.

Only Spirit within us can set us free.  When we identify with God and choose that energy that lifts us toward our higher self, we have an opening to possibilities

The great Spiritual Master – Paramhansa Yogananda said that limitations are like putting on a heavy coat on a extremely hot summer day.

All of these fences are “agitations of the heart.”  This kind of thinking can only mislead ourselves.  It does not help and only disturbs the mind and body with the conditions and beliefs that we fool ourselves into believing.

Lets keep working on healthy thoughts, beliefs and actions.  It takes more work when we are caught in fear but the outcome is so much better in the long run.  Do not give up.  You are doing so much better than before you realized what was blocking your higher good.

Know that you are Loved,   Rev. Barb Walley





What is your Ego telling you? Part 2

life coach**, spiritual counseling, spiritual counseling, life coach nevada city, spiritual counselor nevada city, wellness coach , christian counseling, spiritual therapist, online counselingIs your ego talking to you?  Are you noticing that you or others around you are defensive? What are you feeling defensive about?   I have observed that the defenses often show up when the stresses of life ignite the our desire to feel safe in our lives.

Lately the world seems to be in the midst of so many conflicting energies that it is hard to keep up with it, even if you want to.  I can max out – what about you- what do you do with the over-stimulated energies of life?   It can be very confusing and  upsetting if we do not have some healthy spiritual tools to work through our thoughts and feelings with.

What are the fences you have erected?

I was listening to the Sunday service yesterday and the minister and speaker, Guandev from the Ananda community, was addressing the topic of Ego- Friend or Foe.  His talk was inspiring and later I found myself thinking about writing this blog.

Parmahansa Yogananda said that “when we are enslaved by the ego, it is the Soul that is identified with the body.”  We are caught up in our likes and dislikes and it is like a ferris wheel that keeps going around in endless circles.

Our souls are stuck in this kind of limited awareness, it is caught up in bundles of self-definitions.  That is an absolute guarantee and ticket to the ferris wheel of life that will always separate you from your loved one, anyone who is different than we are, and all others including our true spiritual selves.

There are so many fences that we erect with the ego.  I am observing how many different kinds of obstacles we have in the way of unity and cooperation.

One is the “chicken wire fence,”  it pokes at the heart and soul of the others in our lives.  It also pokes at and injures us the most.  It creates distance and the experience of rejection because it immediately hurts and feels so badly that no one wants to be around it.  Who wants to feel poked at and hurt by just being around that kind of energy and personality.  It is a dangerous fence and certainly is a tool for distancing and a kind of personalized defense.  It works.  You will be left alone, often angry and stuck in the defensive self.  Does that leave you pointing a finger at someone else?  The answer is to look within.

When I see any fence going up between me and another person I do my best to take mine down unless it is actually unsafe to do so.  That is ours to determine.  Personally I use prayer, affirmation, meditation, chanting, yoga, exercise, and many tools of sacred practice that I have been using for over 30 years of dedicated practice.

Know that you are Loved!   Rev. Barb Walley

Emotional Balance

tulipsDo you have emotional highs and lows.  It appears that I have a lifetime assignment of discovering my emotions and moving beyond the triggers they raise.   For many years now, both my personal and inner spiritual journey have prompted me to reflect on deeply ingrained patterns that I want to clear.

The neural pathways in our brains are imprinted or recorded with the emotional frameworks that we have programmed into the unconscious.   These emotions appear to be invisible yet far from inconsequential.

I do not intend to live in the highs nor the low emotional waves that that drive me from my center and an experience of inner balance and connection to my higher power.

There are times when the best I can do is practice deep conscious breathing.  I bring  more energy into my very core and the oxygen, intention and focus help me discover hidden beliefs that are feeding my emotional roller coaster ride.  The only way I can do this effectively is by connecting with something greater within me.  So I open my spiritual tool box and use one or more tools such as prayer, contemplation, meditation, a chant or sometimes I sing a song, and I connect to Spirit and I call forth wisdom, oneness, supportive energy and balance from a higher place within me.

When I am not feeling right with myself or my life, it is usually because I have slipped into a ego state that is about me, my and mine.  I am not seeing myself as a part of something whole and inclusive.  I am usually feeling like life is happening to me, instead of the truth that “Life Happens Through Me.”

When I am not clear about what emotions are driving my thoughts, beliefs and actions in my life, it is like I am in a boat on a rough sea and I will be tossed to and fro.  That is why the emotionally unattached, Master Jesus, was able to calm the inner and outer effects when the disciples were experiencing rough, tossing seas.  They were reacting to primal emotional fears and were concerned about their welfare.  Once they recognized and reconnected with the Master, and their connection to a greater truth, the calm was restored and they were able to navigate their way to safety.

The truth helps us look at the meaning we assign to whatever is coming up in our lives.  Sometime a little inner work helps us discover what is driving our feelings, of upset, confusion, that tired feeling, loneliness, loss of confidence, lack of happiness and general interest in life.

Each day, I do my best to practice attuning myself  to higher vibrations of love, harmony and trust in the prevailing good, and I dedicate my life, over and over again, to living in joy, being of service, and I choose to be a beneficial presence in as many ways as is healthy and possible for me.  That helps me move beyond limiting beliefs about myself and stuff that I can get caught up in.  Each day, I re-dedicate my life to God and ask for guidance in all areas of my life.  Each day I do my best to stay in divine partnership even in those places where my ego resists assistance in the moment, I still give it over to Spirit.  Practice the Presence in your life and you will never be alone again.

Know that you are deeply loved!   Blessings and Joy,  Rev. Barb