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Being a Beneficial Presence

Choose to be a Positive Energy Force in the World

With every conscious breath we take….. we can choose to be a Beneficial Presence.   We influence the energy coming through us.

Being a Beneficial Presence –  appeals to me and over the years of my Spiritual Journey – it’s been a beacon of light for me.  I check into my thoughts, attitudes and actions and see if I am on or off course. Continue reading

Loves Answer

I have been experiencing many challenges surrounding my move across the country as a result of buying a 2007 Saturn Vue Hybrid.  There were a couple of things that needed to be fixed before it was going to be ready for the road.  One very essential but  wrong part was installed and it caused all kinds of havoc that has delayed my trip for two weeks and kept me in Chicago.

This situation pushed me to the edge and I had to take a strong stand for what I knew was right.  Yet I still had to be willing to accept any results or consequences that were showing up.  Gratefully the end appears to be at hand.  The car company that I purchased this vehicle from is doing the right thing and is picking up the tab and helping me get the repairs completed in Chicago.  It did not come easily but with consistency and faith, calling upon the presence I am grateful that a solution is at hand.

For one week this was not looking good and I felt like I was banging my head against the prevailing winds.  Today while I was taking a walk on the dog friendly streets of downtown Chicago, I was also talking to God internally.  Actually I was praying to God asking for some very decisive help with this.  I know I was heard.  There was a shift within me and my energy and I felt like something was going on, and indeed, things did change.  I was suddenly getting a yes from the universe instead of running into the walls that I had been running into.

Love always answers us, but it does not always answer us right when we want it to.  Love does not share our time frames.  If we are persistent and willing to accept what is showing up in our lives with the best attitude that we can muster, when we are really giving forth our very best, that is when the universe comes through for us.  It takes flexibility, humility and persistence.  It takes surrender and the full realization that it is not “I” but the “Divine Presence and Holy Spirit” that I connect with that is my Source of life, that does all of the work when I ask from the right place within myself.

This has been a few weeks of powerful lessons around letting go and detachment to results.  It included many opportunties to forgive myself for missing cues that might have saved me a lot of stress.  It presented many situations that made me stretch and expand my awareness.  These two weeks gave me pause to consider patterns that make life more harmonious or difficult depending on how we address them. I am deeply grateful to Spirit for the divine partnership that we share on this life journey and I know there are many more steps on the stairway to self realization and awakening of the Christ nature within me.  I am deeply grateful for the generosity and love of a few very precious friends that have been there for me during this process.  They gave of their time and willingness to jump in and pack boxes, throw out stuff and challenge me when I held on to things I no longer needed.  Their loving support, dialog and encouragment has helped me remain more balanced, sane and functional through it all.  The Beatles had it so right, “We really can get by with a little help from our friends.”

Know that you are Loved,  Rev. Barb Walley


Returning Love – Do Nothing (Part 2)

When things get confusing in our world, we want to do something.  I have felt powerless over the many ups and downs and circumstances related to the breakdown of my car in Chicago when I was supposed to be across the country by now.   Reports from mechanics are conflicting and lack clarity and it is not at all clear where the actual source of the problem exists.  All I know is that I have an intention to drive across the country in a safe car and make it easily to my destination even if it is two weeks later than planned.

If I hold blame and unforgiving thoughts around all of this, I am the one who suffers the most.  It compromises my relationships with the people I want harmony and good will from and it compromises my well being.

I must center myself in forgiveness and release my judgments by being willing to take responsibility for any projections that I am making a look for the light of truth. That light is the symbol of the Holy Spirit that is in my right mind.   I need to release my belief in the past and future and all my expectations of how things should be in the world to make me happy.  I need to release my unforgiving thoughts to the Holy Spirit so that I can find that quiet center within me and “learn to welcome truth exactly as it is.”

So my job today is the let forgiveness reveal my next steps. God will show me what to do when I am available to be guided, uplifted and protected from the seductive ways of this world.  I cannot do anything on my own if I really intend to be the presence of love and peace.  I must leave the ways of the world of fear and judgment behind.  Keep taking steps toward peace and the release of anything unlike the spiritual truth of my being.  Peace is within me and there is nothing out there for me to seek.  All that I must do is go into the silence and listen for the still small voice.  That is what is needed today to leave the fears of the past behind me and set my inner navigator toward peace.

Know that you are loved,  Rev. Barb