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Free To Grow

DSCN2500Hello Beloved Friends:

Let’s take a look at how free we are to grow and change perceptions.

A man was standing on the side of a “swiftly moving” river.  He sees someone on the other side.  He shouts across the river to the man.  “How Do you get to the other side?

The man shouts… You are already on the other side

Dr. Michael Beckwith says we are either pushed by pain or pulled by vision. I would rather be pulled by vision and yet I have clearly experienced many times when I am resistant and the universe brings forth another approach.

Sometimes life breaks our hearts open and life delivers a deeper healing. Heart Break pushes us with pain and the end result is that we heal on much deeper levels.

The mind simply cannot figure things like this out.  The healing that is emerging from the tragedy in Charleston is still being revealed. I was deeply touched by some of the compassionate actions that I witnessed.

Many stories of forgiveness and compassion are surfacing.  I saw a YouTube clip of a man paying the grocery bills of many black strangers in his community simply because he wanted to express love, kindness and something meaningful to people in his community.   We can all do something to make a difference. 

Affirm with Me:

Right now, in the very instant I tune into a higher awareness.  I consciously and deliberately tune into the Infinite Indwelling Spirit.  My attunement allows me to utilize the tools of conscious awareness to enable me to be an observer.   I watch my thoughts and reactions and I let them float on by.  I allow whatever they are to move on by without any evaluation, judgment, or concern.  Whether they are good or not so, if they are empowering or not so.  I simply let them go without the need to place any value on them at all.  If they are negative I lift my thoughts to the spiritual eye and gently correct them without any judgment or reprimanding attitudes.

I accept who I really am and let any and all temporary thoughts drift into the native nothingness from which it came. I give greatly appreciate that I am free to choose over and over again.  I choose love and release fear.   I am deliberately lifting my awareness to Spirit within me where I know that all is loving, empowering and accepting of the I Am within me.  I tune into the Masters and call forth the strength of our Oneness.  I step on the invisible transforming bridge of divine love and I am lifted out of limitation and effects and I return to the Source of Ever Expanding Life.

I am deeply grateful for Loves Presence in my life and give thanks that I am Free to Grow into ever greater awareness of God within me.  Thank you for shining the light upon the shadows and bringing forth the light.  And So It Is.

Know that You Are Loved!    Rev. Barb

May Love Shine Forever

DSCN2500One of my favorite places to breath and reflect is at Lotus Pond at Ananda in Northern CA.  When it is in bloom, as you can see, it is an amazing joy of beauty.

The Divine with pull us out of the very mud of our own creations and draw us into the clear air of Spirit.  Wherever we are in any moment of time, if we are not feeling joy and love, we are not attuned fully to Spirit. Our intellects may be engaged, yet if our hearts are not also fully in tune with Loves Presence, we are hopping on one foot simply trying our best to keep in balance.  It takes a lot of effort.

Parmahansa Yogananda said to “Enthrone joy in the sanctuary of all of our aspirations, noble actions and noble thoughts.  Then we will feel God as joy reigning in the kingdom of your soul, laying His scepter on the white altar of your dreams to make every thought, feeling and memory a flower blooming there.”

God is everywhere and we can see and feel the beauty of Spirit and the ever present goodness that exists everywhere, simply because God is everywhere present.  We come from that which is everywhere present and as we embrace that more fully, life blooms like the picture of the pond that you can see.

Parmhansa Yogananda had a beautiful prayer that he prayed for himself.  He said that it was the only one that he prayed on his own behalf.  It is:  “Heavenly Father, may Thy love shine forever on the shrine of my devotion.  May my devotion for Thee forever burn on the altar of my memory, and may I be able to kindly love for Thee on all altar hearts.”

With that sweet prayer I hope that you too find fulfillment in your relationship with the Divine.

Joy and Blessings.  Know that you are loved!  Rev. Barb

Heart Centered Communication

When was the last time that you had an opportunity to speak from your heart when things were beginning to feel stressful. Some of us have a tendency to react to moments of stress by becoming defensive, or agitated, some people retreat and withdraw themselves, some are reactive and angry and feel put off when something happens that is out of their control. What I have learned is that all of life is out of my control and that I had entertained a belief that was completely misleading and powerless. I no longer believe that I had any control over life or any other person in my life. I can influence others if I choose to. The only one I have any modicum of control over is myself. The only thing that I have any control over is: I can choose my thoughts, my attitudes and behaviors and how I respond to situations that come up in my life.

My life purpose includes being a beneficial presence by sharing the spiritual realizations that I have experienced with others on the planet. I choose to be as loving and heart centered as I can be in any given moment. When I am fully present and feeling good, that is much easier to do. When I am distracted and my attention is split in multiple directions, that is much harder to accomplish. When I am not feeling physically or emotionally well, that is nearly impossible to do. So my clarity comes through knowing where I am, most if not, all of the time. Monitoring my feelings and being aware of what is driving me, helps me stay centered and prevents me from living in constant reaction to waves of life’s ups and down, in every kind of situation, relationship and circumstance.

Paramahansa Yogananda has guided the western culture into the paths of yoga to help us learn to become mental surfers. We need to become aware of the thoughts we allow to dominate our mentality. He tells us to think of all of our life circumstances as waves that we learn to ride that we have no direct control over. We are on the planet to learn to ride the waves of life with wisdom and release all foolish notions that trap us into negative mind sets. Just like a surfer, we need to learn to go with the currents of life, seeking to ride the best waves that we can and align ourselves with uplifting currents. Each day we have another opportunity to flow with life, and be aware when we are not in the flow, and learn to correct ourselves. That is one very valuable keys to spiritual liberation.

Know that you are Deeply Loved!   Rev. Barb