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God meets us where we are

It was 4:30 am and I woke up.  I had a couple of voices speaking through me.  One voice within me said, go back to sleep and Spirit said, get up and write.  This is a great time to write and I knew it was God prompting me to resume the flow that was evident yesterday.   I asked for help to write more consistently and I am getting that help right now.  I need to be willing and cooperative and invite the muse into my consciousness.

My role in this process is a willingness to explore the thoughts that want to come through me.  I have invited Spirit to express through my life, my writing, speaking,  teaching and I am always looking for opportunities to be of ever greater service.

Sometimes the flow is really coming forth and there are also times when it barely trickles out of me.  What I am realizing is that I have to keep my mind open and I must be very willing to receive guidance.  That is when the flow and energy meet up with whatever wants to be expressed through me.

Any self limiting thoughts restrict the energy and then suddenly I have nothing to say.  When I can just trust that I am connected to a limitless resource and it wants to share itself with me, the chances are good that something worthy of expressing will makes its way on to my page.

If you are working on writing or any creative project, just know that the universe is using you as an instrument.  God or the creative source is the “Doer” and I am a willing partner in the process.  You can be one any time if you are ready and willing.

Know that you are Loved,  Rev. Barb

Emotional Freedom: Part 2

Not for Ourselves Alone.     As the suffragettes Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton; fought for their freedom to vote and to run their own affairs- they chanted: “Not for Ourselves Alone.”

Awareness and Expanding our Consciousness- Is NOT for Ourselves alone.   Our Thoughts and Beliefs:   solidify as perceptions– that ripple into our lives and the lives of others; as patterns that drive our lives. Every fearful thought and attitude robs us of our joy and freedom.  Part of my daily practice is releasing the emotional blocks in the way of deepening my spiritual growth.  Emotional freedom benefits everyone in our lives.

One year ago I left Toledo OH- to move to Northern California.  I had lived there for 16 ½ years and was the Spiritual Leader/ Pastor of Sacred Threads Center 4 Spiritual Living;  A Science of Mind/ New Thought Community.   My plan was to stop in Chicago, spend the night at a friends home and leave the next morning.

My car broke down and I was stuck in Chicago for 3 ½ weeks and the car I had just purchased was delivered to Grass Valley on Thanksgiving.

I had to stand up for myself and what was right and do it in a way that was just, true and in alignment with Spirit.  I had to let go and release my attachment to specific outcomes. It was not at all easy for me.

Drama popped up everywhere.  I still had to stand up for Justice.  I wanted to take right actions; in alignment with my Spiritual Path.  I was watching my feelings, attitudes and observed my thoughts.  I felt completely off center.

I witnessed feelings of being in prison; I was angry, frustrated and I had many thoughts that were contractive, fearful, isolating and blaming.   I knew I had to raise my energy if I was to be sane and if I was going to deal with this in a way that would work.

I knew that Life reflects back to us whatever we put into It.  I made some quick decisions that needed more consideration. I had the car and I had the issues to deal with, like it or not.   I had to treat and move my feet and yet my feet felt like they were stuck.  I had to keep going deeper and deeper within.

What pebbles will I toss into the pond of divine consciousness to help me address the issues at hand and take care of myself.  I used every tool in my spiritual toolbox.  I used a ritual that is part of my spiritual practice to release my concerns to the Holy Spirit, to Divine Mother- the Universal Law, over and over again…. and asked for help to lift up my consciousness.

My freedom was at stake here.  It was more than the car- even though in these very tough moments it appeared like my life was falling apart.  I had my whole life in this car and my possessions and suddenly it was someplace in Chicago and I had no control over what was happening.   I now was staying at a friends house for much longer than planned.  All of my stuff; my guitar, camera, all of the books I loved and used and my clothes.  The stuff I didn’t give away before moving.  Breath…. it is only stuff!

I had to let go of the obstacles to my joy.    I was aware of the thoughts  and beliefs that were constrictive and blaming.  I was angry that I bought a car from a man and dealership I knew and trusted for a lot of money and it broke down with in 24 hrs of taking possession of it and I was on the road with my precious dog and all of the things I felt I needed to cross the country and start a new life in California.

It took inner work!  It took Radiant Faith – to keep moving myself into right alignment with the spiritual truths that I knew.  My mind struggled with the facts.  About being “right” instead of being “happy” in the midst of very challenging issues I had to deal with.

Every time I re-visited feelings of anger, betrayal, blame, shame, and a library full of woulda, coulda and shoulda’s, I had to release them over and over again.  Each one that I had to let go of, I placed on the Altar of God and harmonized my thoughts, beliefs and attitudes.  I had to sweep the basement of my inner home, where “life was happening to me” instead of through me.  I had to find a greater and more clear “will power” that was divinely based.

What I know is that there are no Hitch-hikers on the Highway to God!  We have to do the work.  But there is help, support and a whole lot of grace- amazing love filled encouragement from higher realms of being.

There is the laughter of Spirit/God– let’s laugh it.   There is a song of the Universe– let’s sing it.  There is a hymn of praise– let’s praise it.  There is a joy, a beauty, there is a deep abiding peace; let’s experience it.                   Ernest Holmes, Living Without Fear    

I used these thoughts because I want to live without the fear that was coming up for me around this situation.  It was also about my life and the lives of others who face their own versions of the difficulties I was facing.

Emotional Freedom tools:  Affirm:   I choose to be Emotionally Free

  • To LOVE  –  myself and others
  • To grow deeply –  in Universal wisdom truths
  • To transmute any obstacle along the way

Is that true?   Right Now?   Write down whatever you might want or need to release to the Sacred Fire, and give it over to God.

  • What thoughts, attitudes and mental patterns get your way?
  • Do you tend to avoid being fully aware of them?
  • Are you willing to release them and give over to a Higher Power –  Divine Source —  right now?

That’s what I do.  I place my concerns in a real or imaginary burning bowl to help me let go of anything that is in my way.  It’s a ritual I use all of the time.

I give it to Divine Mother and place it in the Sacred Fire, to be healed all the way to the root cause; from this life time or any other.  Heal this for myself, my ancestors and my loved ones.  I don’t want this energy any more.  Take it Divine Mother, I release it to you… forever!   Thank you, Amen.

If you were helped by this please email me and let me know.

Many Blessings,  Rev. Barb Walley

Contact me at:  sacredllifeskills@gmail.com

River of Life

I have found great meaning in the River of Life The River of our lives flows right through us and it is our Life Current and it is the Universal Life Force and I know in my heart of hearts that it is present in all that is.   I believe that the River of Life is always leading us to our Ocean of Divine Consciousness.  This river is also our Essential Nature and is a unifying Life Force that is present in every aspect of nature, the cosmos, and universes within universes.  It is intelligent and prompts us to embody its principles of Oneness.  It is an amazing expression of the Divine Source of Life and Universal Intelligence.   For the sake of my writing, speaking and teaching, I find this is a magnificent metaphor for our lives, so I will be sharing more about these ideas that are actually pages from a book I’ve been writing.

Who is navigating your river of life?  If you are like most of us, we discover that we have a lot of stuff in the way of our flow.  Every thing that we hold on to, from one end of the spectrum to the other, the stuff we refuse to face or observe about ourselves and our lives, are the very obstacles that we must learn to flow around.  The boulders and rocks in our way are just like thoughts, attachments, and issues that life drudges up from the bottom of the river, or from our subconscious mind that we have not realized are sitting there, ready to be triggered by some storm or quickly moving surge of energy that throws us off balance. John Muir said:” It’s wonderful how nature is a part of us. The sun shines not on us – but in us. The rivers flow not past us – but Through us.”

Are you in the natural flow today? Created in the image and likeness…. we have natural rhythms within us – to live joyfully. This is Divine free energy and it flows forth from the Love of God. Its unconditional love is free and expansive. All spiritual technologies are designed to help us navigate the River of Lives and move closer to the Infinite Sea. We are Love – expressing. If we forget that we are likely to hold on tightly to banks of the river and that is when the flow slows down or even stops or causes stagnation in our lives.

Be Like the River: As spiritual beings … we want to observe how we are doing. Unpolluted rivers don’t get hung up on things. When something is in the way… rivers just flow around it. Boulders- Trees – people – animals – There are no real Obstacles… to the Divine…. when we are in that flow of divine presence. We’re can live consciously in Divine Partnership. When our thoughts appear to be true because we’ve believed they are real, that is when we can create a lot of emotional waves that drain our energy and cause us great stress. We might imagine that people, situations, circumstances are against us and we make up the story that they are blocking our good and standing in our way. This is often called race mind, in New Thought, because it reflects a collective belief that many people have accepted as true. What causes you to Hold on to the Banks? How do you respond to life when challenges seem overwhelming? Do you face them and tackle them or do you freak out?

  •  STAGNANT rivers are just like our lives. Do you have a stuck place in your life?  What is it and are you willing to give it up to the Ocean of Divine Consciousness?
  •  EDDIES…. are places in our lives that keep going in circles… getting no where.  We keep repeating the same old stories that are no longer relevant, except we keep them alive.  We just keep going round and round again reviewing what happened, who did it, why we feel justified in feeling these worn out justification for not moving beyond the issues and forgiving ourselves and others.  Turn it over to Divine Mother, give it over to God and grow now.
  • HABITS clog up the works. Break habits of regrets, anger, sadness, addictions, triggered reactions, avoidance, negative thinking, believing that you are a victim.
  • FEAR makes us hold on; letting go can be so challenging when we cannot trust.

We cling to the banks of the river because we’re still attached to outcomes, unfulfilled desires, fear of loss, fear of the unknown, fear that life may not offer us more than what we’ve already experienced. Maybe you are feeling fear because you are getting older and you might be living alone.  Many people are afraid of getting sick, dying or having something or someone harm them.  Divine Mother is calling us home to transparency and living a more empowered life of joy if we can release the past and move into higher realms of consciousness.  This is one of several articles that will be featured on expanding the River of Life.    

Know that you are Loved, Rev. Barb