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Affirmations that Work

I know the power of my thoughts, word and actions.  I have seen them work for me and I have also seen them work against me.  The only common thread is that I am there in both scenarios and I choose where I place my faith and trust.  Will I trust Spirit and practice the Presence or will I constrict the flow of good into my life because I have not opened my will, my thoughts and my heart to another greater possibility.

I frequently use Scientific Healing Affirmations by #Paramhansa Yogananda as it is one of my favorite tiny gems that helps me keep my spirit on course.  In it he points out that there are three physiological centers that we can use in affirmations.  The first is “will” affirmations that need to be centered in the “3rd Eye” or spot between the eyebrows.  When we affirm something from our will, with our focus on the 3rd eye, whatever we place in the law has far more power and intention behind it.   The second physiological site is for a “thought” affirmation and the focus is on the “medulla oblongata” which can be found in the back of your head at the bottom of the skull where there is a slight indentation.  We use this center when our thoughts need a greater boost to plant mental seeds in the universal law, knowing that they are securely planted in fertile soil where they will sprout healthy roots.   The third location is for “devotional affirmations” that need to be planted in our hearts.  We often do this quite naturally without full awareness.  The purpose of this blog is to help you in being more deliberate and intentional when using these three physiological centers to support your affirmations.

Perhaps you are willing to #practice the #Presence with me.  What are you affirming in your life today.  Where is your focus.  If it is not supporting your happiness and joy then redirect your thoughts, your will and your devotion to a higher place.

Know that you are loved,  Rev. Barb