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Awareness Keys

Shanti and me on a walk at Ananda

I am so blessed to be living in a time when we are growing ever more aware of our spiritual truths.  I live in a community of souls who choose to be aware and conscious of what is going on within and around us to the best of our current ability.  We have so many opportunities to clean the inner perceptions that block our experience of Joy and Divine Presence because we live in a community dedicated to growing spiritually.

Swami Kriyananda wrote a wonderful book of affirmations that I enjoy using as one of my daily spiritual tools called “Affirmations for Self-Healing”.   In it he wrote:  “Man needs to learn to change his focus from what he is #aware of  to what he is #aware with.  He needs to become more aware at the source of his awareness, at his deepest center, God.  Through this awareness, his enjoyment even of the surrounding world becomes intensified a thousandfold.”  I hope you enjoy one of his affirmations and prayers as follows:

Affirm:  I behold the world with eyes of calmness and of faith.  For I know that, as I view others, so will I myself become.

When we accept that #awareness and let it come up every time we delude ourselves into thinking that our judgments are about anyone but ourselves, we can free ourselves to live in more joy.

Prayer:  Infuse me, from my deepest center, with Thy joy.  Make me aware of Thee, my divine Beloved, in all that I behold.

May your days be filled with the joyful Presence and Omnipresent good.

Know that you are loved and blessed.  Namaste,  Rev. Barb

River of Life

I have found great meaning in the River of Life The River of our lives flows right through us and it is our Life Current and it is the Universal Life Force and I know in my heart of hearts that it is present in all that is.   I believe that the River of Life is always leading us to our Ocean of Divine Consciousness.  This river is also our Essential Nature and is a unifying Life Force that is present in every aspect of nature, the cosmos, and universes within universes.  It is intelligent and prompts us to embody its principles of Oneness.  It is an amazing expression of the Divine Source of Life and Universal Intelligence.   For the sake of my writing, speaking and teaching, I find this is a magnificent metaphor for our lives, so I will be sharing more about these ideas that are actually pages from a book I’ve been writing.

Who is navigating your river of life?  If you are like most of us, we discover that we have a lot of stuff in the way of our flow.  Every thing that we hold on to, from one end of the spectrum to the other, the stuff we refuse to face or observe about ourselves and our lives, are the very obstacles that we must learn to flow around.  The boulders and rocks in our way are just like thoughts, attachments, and issues that life drudges up from the bottom of the river, or from our subconscious mind that we have not realized are sitting there, ready to be triggered by some storm or quickly moving surge of energy that throws us off balance. John Muir said:” It’s wonderful how nature is a part of us. The sun shines not on us – but in us. The rivers flow not past us – but Through us.”

Are you in the natural flow today? Created in the image and likeness…. we have natural rhythms within us – to live joyfully. This is Divine free energy and it flows forth from the Love of God. Its unconditional love is free and expansive. All spiritual technologies are designed to help us navigate the River of Lives and move closer to the Infinite Sea. We are Love – expressing. If we forget that we are likely to hold on tightly to banks of the river and that is when the flow slows down or even stops or causes stagnation in our lives.

Be Like the River: As spiritual beings … we want to observe how we are doing. Unpolluted rivers don’t get hung up on things. When something is in the way… rivers just flow around it. Boulders- Trees – people – animals – There are no real Obstacles… to the Divine…. when we are in that flow of divine presence. We’re can live consciously in Divine Partnership. When our thoughts appear to be true because we’ve believed they are real, that is when we can create a lot of emotional waves that drain our energy and cause us great stress. We might imagine that people, situations, circumstances are against us and we make up the story that they are blocking our good and standing in our way. This is often called race mind, in New Thought, because it reflects a collective belief that many people have accepted as true. What causes you to Hold on to the Banks? How do you respond to life when challenges seem overwhelming? Do you face them and tackle them or do you freak out?

  •  STAGNANT rivers are just like our lives. Do you have a stuck place in your life?  What is it and are you willing to give it up to the Ocean of Divine Consciousness?
  •  EDDIES…. are places in our lives that keep going in circles… getting no where.  We keep repeating the same old stories that are no longer relevant, except we keep them alive.  We just keep going round and round again reviewing what happened, who did it, why we feel justified in feeling these worn out justification for not moving beyond the issues and forgiving ourselves and others.  Turn it over to Divine Mother, give it over to God and grow now.
  • HABITS clog up the works. Break habits of regrets, anger, sadness, addictions, triggered reactions, avoidance, negative thinking, believing that you are a victim.
  • FEAR makes us hold on; letting go can be so challenging when we cannot trust.

We cling to the banks of the river because we’re still attached to outcomes, unfulfilled desires, fear of loss, fear of the unknown, fear that life may not offer us more than what we’ve already experienced. Maybe you are feeling fear because you are getting older and you might be living alone.  Many people are afraid of getting sick, dying or having something or someone harm them.  Divine Mother is calling us home to transparency and living a more empowered life of joy if we can release the past and move into higher realms of consciousness.  This is one of several articles that will be featured on expanding the River of Life.    

Know that you are Loved, Rev. Barb