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Monkey Mind goes Non-Stop

Have you ever noticed that there is a voice within you that never shuts up?  I really put a significant amount of effort to keep my own Prakriti 7energy focused and uplifting and there are times when that crazy making “monkey mind” can run over my best of intentions.

Most of us make all kinds of attempts at changing something on the outside when the issue is within us.  Our psyche is on over load when we cannot break through and move past the incessant mind that is constantly telling us what to do and what not to do.  It is always directing our lives to one thing or another, dividing our attention, our thoughts, our likes and dislikes.  Always passing approving and disapproving opinions of everyone and everything.

Monkey Mind starts problems within us and divides our energy. exhausting us and consuming the best of our potential creativity.  It always has an issue that needs our attention and it goes on and on until we get caught up in trying to fix something on the outside that cannot be fixed from a broken mental outlook.  Endless problems will only take us into endless circles of fear, grief and anxiety.

We want to fix it, and ourselves and stop the nutty suggestions that our minds make up to solve some inner concern that it makes up.  It is a delusion and a full out lie based in fear that was generated from a very dysfunctional and disturbed part of our psyche.  Monkey Mind misleads us and wastes our energy.

The problem that is really bothering us is rooted in some thought or belief that we are feeling such as we are “not enough” and do we do not feel complete in ourselves.  So whatever the root issue, we have to get to that because the Monkey Mind will make endless attempts to divert us away from the truth that is the core issue that we are not fully aware of and is hiding from the light of awareness.

Observe your own thoughts for a while. Write them down in a journal if you can. Be a dedicated watcher of your most inward thoughts.  You are not those thoughts!  You are the one who is aware and watching the thinking and where  those thoughts, if believed, can take you.

Stay with me.  We will be going ever more deeply into your true Self.

Know that you are Loved,   Blessings and Joy,  Rev. Barb

What do we listen to?

Listen to Truth

In fragile moments when we are feeling vulnerable, those are the times when we can let the subconscious mind intrude upon us and throw us off course.   If we listen to the voice of truth we will lift our energy.  If we are seduced by the ego, it is likely that we will slide into the quick sand of a downward pull into negativity. With determination we can learn to live in harmony with the truth of our being.  We are absolutely one with God and God is Love! Continue reading

Looking at the One in the Mirror

I was thinking about how easy it is to look at life… through my eyes, and forget to ask myself, how is (she/he) someone else seeing or experiencing this.  I am clear that I choose to help  make the world a better place and my heart is definitely in it.  What is not as clear to me at all times is —  how congruent my head and heart are.  Life often reminds me that it is prudent to start on a moment by moment basis. As a Science of Mind Practitioner for 28 years and 16 of those years as a New Thought- Ancient Wisdom teacher, coach and minister, my intention has been to be a loving and beneficial presence on the planet.  I am dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of others; in service to God and those that Spirit brings to me for a reason, a season, or for a lifetime.  Sometimes all that is needed is a prayer or”an encouraging word.” Other times they need to share their thoughts and feelings and they just want me to listen.  Many times they need spiritual tools and guidance.  Most of the time everyone needs to feel loved and cared about and then I have to release them to be themselves without the weight of any of my expectations.  That was tough for me to integrate fully.

Recently, I read this in “Heaven Letters.”

“Are you aware of how tightly you hold on to what is not yours to hold on to? Are you trying to hold people to you. Are you trying to keep them in

place. But people are travelers in their own lives. They rest when they rest, and they move on when they move on. Are you trying to keep them by the force of your will?  Why… they are their own being. They are playing a part in your life as they will, on stage one moment, off the next.”

“People in your life are like dance partners. They dance as they will. You do not try to hold them or make them dance only the dances you dance. They bow in and out of your life anyway. You might as well set them free.

There have certainly been times when I have held on too tightly and there have been times when I have given the impression that I just don’t care, when I do. Perhaps too much! Sometimes I struggle to find an inner balance when it comes to my loved ones. I love deeply and I want to be encouraging and appreciative without taking it all so seriously. No one else, in my life, holds the measure of my worth, yet there were times when I believed it was the truth.  Have you ever felt like that?

Sometimes… I just need to share an encouraging word with the one in the mirror.

Know that you are loved!

Blessings, Rev. Barb