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Awareness Keys

Shanti and me on a walk at Ananda

I am so blessed to be living in a time when we are growing ever more aware of our spiritual truths.  I live in a community of souls who choose to be aware and conscious of what is going on within and around us to the best of our current ability.  We have so many opportunities to clean the inner perceptions that block our experience of Joy and Divine Presence because we live in a community dedicated to growing spiritually.

Swami Kriyananda wrote a wonderful book of affirmations that I enjoy using as one of my daily spiritual tools called “Affirmations for Self-Healing”.   In it he wrote:  “Man needs to learn to change his focus from what he is #aware of  to what he is #aware with.  He needs to become more aware at the source of his awareness, at his deepest center, God.  Through this awareness, his enjoyment even of the surrounding world becomes intensified a thousandfold.”  I hope you enjoy one of his affirmations and prayers as follows:

Affirm:  I behold the world with eyes of calmness and of faith.  For I know that, as I view others, so will I myself become.

When we accept that #awareness and let it come up every time we delude ourselves into thinking that our judgments are about anyone but ourselves, we can free ourselves to live in more joy.

Prayer:  Infuse me, from my deepest center, with Thy joy.  Make me aware of Thee, my divine Beloved, in all that I behold.

May your days be filled with the joyful Presence and Omnipresent good.

Know that you are loved and blessed.  Namaste,  Rev. Barb

Emotionally Free

tulipsEvery day is another opportunity to live emotionally free lives!

Do you have those moments in your life when you feel waves of emotion coming over you? I have noticed that they just show up in an instant, most of the time without any warning, and then I am feeling an emotional high or low depending on the situation, circumstance or gut response that is triggered.

Both science and wisdom teachings reveal that we all have ancestral patterns and reactions that we have inherited. We have all been well trained in patterns from our immediate family and lineage that includes tribal environments. I have come to realize that many of these patterns and reactions are passed on through our DNA, which challenged my perceptions at first because of my personal intention and desire to overcome some of my own life lessons. Yet it does make sense to me as I pay attention to myself and others.  I’ve noticed things that seem so tenacious and stubborn in our behaviors that have to be deeply rooted.

Sometimes I get a strong gut feeling that seems to come at me from “out of the blue” and if I’m in a good place I can let it fly right by me without identifying with it, whether it is positive or negative. If I am in an especially vulnerable place, I can have a more difficult time breaking free of the triggered mind chatter that still exists in my unconscious mind. This is one of the areas of healing that I am dedicated to helping others become free of also. Each day I claim greater emotional freedom from the patterns that closes me and others off from the joy that is ours by divine right inheritance. What I know in my heart is that we must do the work and earn the right to this emotional freedom, as Rickie Byers Beckwith says in her song, “There are no hitchhikers on the highway to God.”

Every day, I practice the presence and I work on myself on many levels of my life. It is my Dharmic or life path to pay attention to the self talk, inner feeling tones, vibrations and energy and move all of my energies into a more affirmative and empowering framework so that I can live a more spiritually liberated life.  I am here to share spiritual life tools with you to help you travel your spiritual path with greater ease and grace.  I dedicate each situation that comes up in my life to Divine Mother and the Holy Spirit and ask for help from my Higher Holy Spirit Self to help me transmute the energy for my own sake and for the sake of all those that I share my path with.  We do not heal alone.

When we focus our mind and thoughts between our eyebrows at what is called the “third eye” or that place where our “eye can be single,” we are helping ourselves align with our higher selves.  It is a natural part of us that is one with all that is, many call it the place where we connect with the Christ or Buddah nature.  Everyone has this very same connecting point within them.  No one is missing it.  It is our entry spot or place of engagement with our higher selves.  That is why part of the Yoga practice is to actively engage the focus on the 3rd eye.

There are many obstacles that we will encounter and I will be sharing some of the common ones in part two of this blog. The obvious ones are doubt and neglecting our daily spiritual practices. There are also consequences that are triggered by our emotions that can trap us in feelings and repeated patterns that cause us to miss out on the benefits of our spiritual journey. Never give up. As long as you never give up and know that God won’t ever give up on you, you will continue to grow.

Know that you are deeply Loved by God and by me.

Love, Rev. Barb