Heart Balancing Worksheet

 heart math, what is heart math, spiritual counselor, spiritual counseling, spiritual growth, emotional freedomWelcome to the Heart Balancing Technique: This process will help you anchor your energy within your Hearts Intelligence:

  1. Recognize any stress you are feeling, or an emotional situation or circumstance bothering you.   Now Breath deeply– as if you are bringing fresh vibrant air into the very center of your being.
  2. Place your hand on your Heart and breath deeply several times.  Focus right on your heart beneath your hand. Breath consciously and keep your hand on your heart for a minimum of 10 seconds.  This will literally change your energy and inner chemistry.
  3. If you have a question you need to get clarity about or a concern – mentally or verbally state your situation and release it to your heart.
  4. Listen to what your heart is saying in response to your question.  It’s a very effective way to put your reactive mind and emotions in check – that provides an “inner” source of intuitive wisdom solutions!

Situation:  ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Head Reaction:  ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

                              Desired Heart Shift:                                     What was Heart Response:  ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ In doing the Heart balancing exercise, I shifted from __________ to ______________.

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