Transparency Reveals Patterns

Life has an uncanny way of bringing up the very things that we want to hide out from. Whatever we want to conceal and believe is not ours to deal with will inevitably come up somewhere in our lives.   Even though I totally believe in right thinking, meditation and establishing a clear vision many people think that is all it takes.  It has become popular to believe that just holding the right thought, getting a clear vision and visualizing our best outcomes will free us from our human drama.

Science of Mind teaches affirmative prayer called Spiritual Mind Treatment.  To me it is divine partnership in action.  It helps me grow and transform what I am willing to see reflected within my feelings when I am open and transparent.  It is tough to move beyond our stuck places until we face, reveal and learn the lessons that our repetitive patterns reflect to us.  What I have discovered in my own process is that no matter how hard I work on thinking the right thoughts and I’ve used great tools, if I am not willing to look at and deal with core issues and deeply rooted unconscious patterns I am still not clear from buried issues. I have wanted it to be different and the fact remains, we all must face our shadows and let them surface in the light to be healed and released.

Facing truth is the key to our emotional freedom. Most of the work takes a while to do.  What I know is that I have greater peace and joy than I have ever had before.  Every time I began to make progress in some area of my life something came up that threw me off balance until I did the deeper work.

I am not suggesting that you live in the negativity.  Just be willing to let the blocks come up and surrender them to the divine.  I sing a song by Tim McAfee from Agape.  “I surrender, I surrender… everything that I’ve been holding on to… I let go.  I forgive me, I forgive you… I am ready for my change.”  I give over any challenges, pain, suffering, blocks, trials to Divine Mother and place them all on the altar of the Holy Spirit. 

What is obstructing the free flow of your good.? With help from Spirit you can discover what stops you.  And then you will need to be willing to take responsibility for it even if you don’t fully understand it.  Let it show up and look for the patterns that are repeating all over the place. They have shown up in personal relationships, with colleagues, at work, in the ways you treat yourself and others, and in your attitudes.

Be the observer of how these patterns show up on the playing field of your life. How do you keep yourself hooked into these patterns? Your emotions are all about them and show up as fear, anger, resentment, comparison, blaming, running away, beating yourself up, stuffing your feelings, denying what is true, making excuses, defensiveness and all sorts of other personalized versions and expressions.

Understanding these patterns will bless your life and will help you extract the lessons that are great gifts when you ask the tough questions. What is really stopping me from living a more fulfilling life and accepting my good. Why am I in my own way? What do I need to learn from these repeating life scenarios that I have not really understood before?

Know that you are deeply loved.

                  Namaste,   Rev. Barb Walley



Breaking Free from Judgments

When reading chapter three in the text of the Course in Miracles I was considering how it retrains the mind.  No matter how many times I study the material, sometimes I swear I did not read that paragraph before.  I read that we make ourselves tired by judging ourselves or someone else.  This time it sort of sank in.  After thinking about it I realized just how much sense that really makes to me.  Of course it would wear us out when we are belittling ourselves and others.  We are preventing the good energy from reaching all of who we are.  I see how we wear ourselves thin energetically because we cut ourselves off from the life force that love is.  The endless chatter of inharmonious ideas wears us out and I know we need the renewed with right thinking, uplifting attitudes and loves presence in all things.

There are habit patterns of judgment that simply have to be removed from our mental households.  It takes consistent observation of ourselves to realize how easily we slip into negativity and wear ourselves out.

The good news is we can place it all on the altar of the Holy Spirit and we can learn to let it all go.  I Release and I let it go and let the Spirit run my life.  That is a line from a song called “I Release” from Rickie Byars Beckwith that I frequently sing.

When I am not coming from love I feel the absence of divine love because I am out of tune with the truth of my being.  My mind is part of God’s so I must choose only those thoughts and attitudes that are attuned with loves nature.

I am not feeling love when I feel imposed upon or depressed.  I have cut myself off the flow of good.  I cannot feel the love when I am judging myself or someone else as less than or a failure because I might be disappointed in some result or situation that I wanted a different outcome.  We feel helpless because we won’t let the light in.  I have to admit that I am caught in a belief that separates me from the experience of love.

Old habits are hard to break but join me by just being willing to release the past and place your old worn out judgments on the sacred altar fire of the Holy Spirit, to be permanently healed.  You are lovable and loved.

Know with me:  I am a Precious Being – Deserving of the Love of God!

And you are.  You are Loved!     Namaste,  Rev. Barb Walley