Spiritual Growth Tips for Balancing Emotions

Spiritual Growth Tips for Your Spiritual Tool Box

Learning to observe ourselves and watch the tendencies of our thoughts is a life skill that makes a huge difference in our ability to be happy and free.  It is not an instantaneous skill but even beginning to be aware does make a difference and eases up the drain on our energy flow.   Jesus and many other Spiritual Masters tell us to “Know Thyself.”   Learn to deeply reflect upon the tendency of our thoughts and find out what drives us.  Eventually we will gain a deeper perception of who we really are beyond the dramas of our lives. Continue reading

What do we listen to?

Listen to Truth

In fragile moments when we are feeling vulnerable, those are the times when we can let the subconscious mind intrude upon us and throw us off course.   If we listen to the voice of truth we will lift our energy.  If we are seduced by the ego, it is likely that we will slide into the quick sand of a downward pull into negativity. With determination we can learn to live in harmony with the truth of our being.  We are absolutely one with God and God is Love! Continue reading

Being a Beneficial Presence

Choose to be a Positive Energy Force in the World

With every conscious breath we take….. we can choose to be a Beneficial Presence.   We influence the energy coming through us.

Being a Beneficial Presence –  appeals to me and over the years of my Spiritual Journey – it’s been a beacon of light for me.  I check into my thoughts, attitudes and actions and see if I am on or off course. Continue reading

Emotional Freedom: Part 2

Not for Ourselves Alone.     As the suffragettes Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton; fought for their freedom to vote and to run their own affairs- they chanted: “Not for Ourselves Alone.”

Awareness and Expanding our Consciousness- Is NOT for Ourselves alone.   Our Thoughts and Beliefs:   solidify as perceptions– that ripple into our lives and the lives of others; as patterns that drive our lives. Every fearful thought and attitude robs us of our joy and freedom.  Part of my daily practice is releasing the emotional blocks in the way of deepening my spiritual growth.  Emotional freedom benefits everyone in our lives.

One year ago I left Toledo OH- to move to Northern California.  I had lived there for 16 ½ years and was the Spiritual Leader/ Pastor of Sacred Threads Center 4 Spiritual Living;  A Science of Mind/ New Thought Community.   My plan was to stop in Chicago, spend the night at a friends home and leave the next morning.

My car broke down and I was stuck in Chicago for 3 ½ weeks and the car I had just purchased was delivered to Grass Valley on Thanksgiving.

I had to stand up for myself and what was right and do it in a way that was just, true and in alignment with Spirit.  I had to let go and release my attachment to specific outcomes. It was not at all easy for me.

Drama popped up everywhere.  I still had to stand up for Justice.  I wanted to take right actions; in alignment with my Spiritual Path.  I was watching my feelings, attitudes and observed my thoughts.  I felt completely off center.

I witnessed feelings of being in prison; I was angry, frustrated and I had many thoughts that were contractive, fearful, isolating and blaming.   I knew I had to raise my energy if I was to be sane and if I was going to deal with this in a way that would work.

I knew that Life reflects back to us whatever we put into It.  I made some quick decisions that needed more consideration. I had the car and I had the issues to deal with, like it or not.   I had to treat and move my feet and yet my feet felt like they were stuck.  I had to keep going deeper and deeper within.

What pebbles will I toss into the pond of divine consciousness to help me address the issues at hand and take care of myself.  I used every tool in my spiritual toolbox.  I used a ritual that is part of my spiritual practice to release my concerns to the Holy Spirit, to Divine Mother- the Universal Law, over and over again…. and asked for help to lift up my consciousness.

My freedom was at stake here.  It was more than the car- even though in these very tough moments it appeared like my life was falling apart.  I had my whole life in this car and my possessions and suddenly it was someplace in Chicago and I had no control over what was happening.   I now was staying at a friends house for much longer than planned.  All of my stuff; my guitar, camera, all of the books I loved and used and my clothes.  The stuff I didn’t give away before moving.  Breath…. it is only stuff!

I had to let go of the obstacles to my joy.    I was aware of the thoughts  and beliefs that were constrictive and blaming.  I was angry that I bought a car from a man and dealership I knew and trusted for a lot of money and it broke down with in 24 hrs of taking possession of it and I was on the road with my precious dog and all of the things I felt I needed to cross the country and start a new life in California.

It took inner work!  It took Radiant Faith – to keep moving myself into right alignment with the spiritual truths that I knew.  My mind struggled with the facts.  About being “right” instead of being “happy” in the midst of very challenging issues I had to deal with.

Every time I re-visited feelings of anger, betrayal, blame, shame, and a library full of woulda, coulda and shoulda’s, I had to release them over and over again.  Each one that I had to let go of, I placed on the Altar of God and harmonized my thoughts, beliefs and attitudes.  I had to sweep the basement of my inner home, where “life was happening to me” instead of through me.  I had to find a greater and more clear “will power” that was divinely based.

What I know is that there are no Hitch-hikers on the Highway to God!  We have to do the work.  But there is help, support and a whole lot of grace- amazing love filled encouragement from higher realms of being.

There is the laughter of Spirit/God– let’s laugh it.   There is a song of the Universe– let’s sing it.  There is a hymn of praise– let’s praise it.  There is a joy, a beauty, there is a deep abiding peace; let’s experience it.                   Ernest Holmes, Living Without Fear    

I used these thoughts because I want to live without the fear that was coming up for me around this situation.  It was also about my life and the lives of others who face their own versions of the difficulties I was facing.

Emotional Freedom tools:  Affirm:   I choose to be Emotionally Free

  • To LOVE  –  myself and others
  • To grow deeply –  in Universal wisdom truths
  • To transmute any obstacle along the way

Is that true?   Right Now?   Write down whatever you might want or need to release to the Sacred Fire, and give it over to God.

  • What thoughts, attitudes and mental patterns get your way?
  • Do you tend to avoid being fully aware of them?
  • Are you willing to release them and give over to a Higher Power –  Divine Source —  right now?

That’s what I do.  I place my concerns in a real or imaginary burning bowl to help me let go of anything that is in my way.  It’s a ritual I use all of the time.

I give it to Divine Mother and place it in the Sacred Fire, to be healed all the way to the root cause; from this life time or any other.  Heal this for myself, my ancestors and my loved ones.  I don’t want this energy any more.  Take it Divine Mother, I release it to you… forever!   Thank you, Amen.

If you were helped by this please email me and let me know.

Many Blessings,  Rev. Barb Walley

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Emotionally Free

tulipsEvery day is another opportunity to live emotionally free lives!

Do you have those moments in your life when you feel waves of emotion coming over you? I have noticed that they just show up in an instant, most of the time without any warning, and then I am feeling an emotional high or low depending on the situation, circumstance or gut response that is triggered.

Both science and wisdom teachings reveal that we all have ancestral patterns and reactions that we have inherited. We have all been well trained in patterns from our immediate family and lineage that includes tribal environments. I have come to realize that many of these patterns and reactions are passed on through our DNA, which challenged my perceptions at first because of my personal intention and desire to overcome some of my own life lessons. Yet it does make sense to me as I pay attention to myself and others.  I’ve noticed things that seem so tenacious and stubborn in our behaviors that have to be deeply rooted.

Sometimes I get a strong gut feeling that seems to come at me from “out of the blue” and if I’m in a good place I can let it fly right by me without identifying with it, whether it is positive or negative. If I am in an especially vulnerable place, I can have a more difficult time breaking free of the triggered mind chatter that still exists in my unconscious mind. This is one of the areas of healing that I am dedicated to helping others become free of also. Each day I claim greater emotional freedom from the patterns that closes me and others off from the joy that is ours by divine right inheritance. What I know in my heart is that we must do the work and earn the right to this emotional freedom, as Rickie Byers Beckwith says in her song, “There are no hitchhikers on the highway to God.”

Every day, I practice the presence and I work on myself on many levels of my life. It is my Dharmic or life path to pay attention to the self talk, inner feeling tones, vibrations and energy and move all of my energies into a more affirmative and empowering framework so that I can live a more spiritually liberated life.  I am here to share spiritual life tools with you to help you travel your spiritual path with greater ease and grace.  I dedicate each situation that comes up in my life to Divine Mother and the Holy Spirit and ask for help from my Higher Holy Spirit Self to help me transmute the energy for my own sake and for the sake of all those that I share my path with.  We do not heal alone.

When we focus our mind and thoughts between our eyebrows at what is called the “third eye” or that place where our “eye can be single,” we are helping ourselves align with our higher selves.  It is a natural part of us that is one with all that is, many call it the place where we connect with the Christ or Buddah nature.  Everyone has this very same connecting point within them.  No one is missing it.  It is our entry spot or place of engagement with our higher selves.  That is why part of the Yoga practice is to actively engage the focus on the 3rd eye.

There are many obstacles that we will encounter and I will be sharing some of the common ones in part two of this blog. The obvious ones are doubt and neglecting our daily spiritual practices. There are also consequences that are triggered by our emotions that can trap us in feelings and repeated patterns that cause us to miss out on the benefits of our spiritual journey. Never give up. As long as you never give up and know that God won’t ever give up on you, you will continue to grow.

Know that you are deeply Loved by God and by me.

Love, Rev. Barb

Loves Answer

I have been experiencing many challenges surrounding my move across the country as a result of buying a 2007 Saturn Vue Hybrid.  There were a couple of things that needed to be fixed before it was going to be ready for the road.  One very essential but  wrong part was installed and it caused all kinds of havoc that has delayed my trip for two weeks and kept me in Chicago.

This situation pushed me to the edge and I had to take a strong stand for what I knew was right.  Yet I still had to be willing to accept any results or consequences that were showing up.  Gratefully the end appears to be at hand.  The car company that I purchased this vehicle from is doing the right thing and is picking up the tab and helping me get the repairs completed in Chicago.  It did not come easily but with consistency and faith, calling upon the presence I am grateful that a solution is at hand.

For one week this was not looking good and I felt like I was banging my head against the prevailing winds.  Today while I was taking a walk on the dog friendly streets of downtown Chicago, I was also talking to God internally.  Actually I was praying to God asking for some very decisive help with this.  I know I was heard.  There was a shift within me and my energy and I felt like something was going on, and indeed, things did change.  I was suddenly getting a yes from the universe instead of running into the walls that I had been running into.

Love always answers us, but it does not always answer us right when we want it to.  Love does not share our time frames.  If we are persistent and willing to accept what is showing up in our lives with the best attitude that we can muster, when we are really giving forth our very best, that is when the universe comes through for us.  It takes flexibility, humility and persistence.  It takes surrender and the full realization that it is not “I” but the “Divine Presence and Holy Spirit” that I connect with that is my Source of life, that does all of the work when I ask from the right place within myself.

This has been a few weeks of powerful lessons around letting go and detachment to results.  It included many opportunties to forgive myself for missing cues that might have saved me a lot of stress.  It presented many situations that made me stretch and expand my awareness.  These two weeks gave me pause to consider patterns that make life more harmonious or difficult depending on how we address them. I am deeply grateful to Spirit for the divine partnership that we share on this life journey and I know there are many more steps on the stairway to self realization and awakening of the Christ nature within me.  I am deeply grateful for the generosity and love of a few very precious friends that have been there for me during this process.  They gave of their time and willingness to jump in and pack boxes, throw out stuff and challenge me when I held on to things I no longer needed.  Their loving support, dialog and encouragment has helped me remain more balanced, sane and functional through it all.  The Beatles had it so right, “We really can get by with a little help from our friends.”

Know that you are Loved,  Rev. Barb Walley


Projections or Peace

Have you noticed that you project your thoughts outside of yourselves? As I have realized this I am learning to watch my thoughts and ask myself where I am placing them.  The path of awakening in New Thought – Ancient Wisdom teachings is learning to live attuned to divine wisdom.  To reach higher consciousness we must be aware of  what is within us, what shows up around us and what is actually expressing as us.

Spirit always brings peace to every situation directly or indirectly depending on what is going on with us.  We have all inherited peace as our true nature and it expresses as joy, harmony and good of every shape, size, shade and value. Being Love is the highest expression of our true nature and it is always calling us to see through Gods eyes which is always expressing love or directing us to it through a course correction.  If we are receptive and accept the correction, we will feel better, our vibration is raised, our relationships and situations will heal.

We suffer when we see only the reflection of our minds that are regurgitating the past hurts, resentments, fears, dramas, attitudes of being less than and we project them on the screen of our lives. We hurt ourselves and others when we hold on to these patterns. There are all sorts of negative scenarios that will play out until we are willing to see that we have been unconsciously projecting our inner unresolved feelings and dramas onto the screen of our lives, pouring our stuff all over the people we care about the most.  Or when we bury our true feelings we will find someone to project those feeling on that we will blame for the responsibility that we are not willing to accept because of shame and guilt.

Forgiveness is the key to washing our spirits clean.  We must have the heart to forgive ourselves and so that we can forgive others.  I ask the presence and power of Holy Spirit and Divine Mother to help me clear any deeply seeded beliefs that I have buried in this life or any other that are caught in my body, mind, spirit, or subtle bodies and help me transmute them completely.  Heal them all the way back to the root and original causal imprint that I have unconsciously carried.  I am aware that it has blocked my vision, squelched my joy and programmed my vibration with less than feelings that I want clear now and forevermore.

I have dedicated my life to helping others do this work, so you don’t have to live with this kind of pain and suffering for as long as I have.

We are living in an awesome time of transformation when we can really heal and resolve these patterns of projection from our past and remove the seed thoughts that we have planted that are not our spiritual truths.  I promise to share everything I know and ground breaking tools I have discovered to  provide tools that will help release you from the limitations that you have believed that will keep you in emotionally imprisoned.

Know that you are Loved,

Rev. Barb Walley