Integrating our Life Lessons

DSCN2146Are you noticing emotional patterns in your life?  I have realized that my life serves up some of the same lessons over and over.  This is one of the more obvious indicators that there is something going on that we have yet to glean the wisdom from the situations and circumstances in our lives.

When we keep having similar situations come up in our relationships, our work environments, our sense of self-esteem, or we see our own reactive attitudes and feelings… we are always the common denominator.

It is no secret that we are living in challenging times.  That is why I chose to focus on this topic because I am noticing that many people are having a difficult time with the changes happening on so many levels.

I find myself practicing my breathing exercises more often when stresses come up in my life. They really help me.  I take two swift and deep inhalations through my nose and I exhale those two focused breaths through my mouth.  A few rounds of that exercise helps me release the accumulated stress that I can feel when I am observing myself in the midst of a change that has not completed itself.

We heal and change in stages.  If we are intentional about healing the patterns within us that are obstacles to our happiness, joy and inner peace, we will grow.

Being fully awake and aware while “in the process” is not at all easy in fragile moments.  Self doubt and age old fears can come up.  They are recurrent patterns that we have blocked from our self realization. If we do not accept the lessons into our awareness, we build another layer of resistance, which is a magnet for anger, sadness and isolation.

I work at staying conscious of my process, especially in moments when I know that I am not at my best.  As soon as I can, I go within and question myself without judgement.  I ask myself if I am understanding what is going on within and around me.  Are my perceptions true?

I must ask Spirit for help. My daily practice is to do my very best to stay attuned to God.  To continue to grow spiritually I must understand myself and the others in my life.  That takes availability.  I have to open my heart and mind and energy centers to a greater picture of what is actually taking place and move the energy to the next level in my process.

On a soul level we lack the information that we need to process the situation.  Maybe I am needing more love and compassion for myself and others.   Maybe it is just the mirror of my past floating through my awareness and if I can bless it and release it to Spirit and ask for guidance… the compassionate creative medium … Divine Mother…. will help me see the bigger picture in due time.

Like the Buddhist path reminds us.  We need to be aware that we are suffering.  Having the awareness and opening ourselves to see the patterns is a doorway that leads us to our next stage of our growth and transformation.

Know that you are Loved,  Rev. Barb

Darkness dissipates in the Light

life coach**, spiritual counseling, spiritual counseling, life coach nevada city, spiritual counselor nevada city, wellness coach , christian counseling, spiritual therapist, online counselingAll negativity, thoughts or attitudes are dissipated in the sun of your faith. All challenging situations, like a fire, are distinguished by the waters of the spirit of the indwelling Presence.

If you are having a challenge that is bothering you today, I know it can push you up against the wall of resistance, and feel like it won’t go away. I promise you, if you ask Spirit… the support will be there to help you through it to a better internal place.

I have had times when the darkness surrounded me, and it seemed like a thick fog was blocking my vision and hopefulness. When my focus is on Spirit, I know that God is at the center of everything and I will be guided to the light if I seek it. We are protected by the omnipresent and omnipotent power and presence. We must call upon Spirit and the help will be there.

Everyone has a right live in joy. We call forth the harmony and inner peace, and it will come as we dwell in the Divine Presence. Jesus guided us to ask, seek and knock. Ask for the awareness of your partnership with Spirit today. Seek to feel it, see it, and increase your awareness of the many ways that Spirit can guide you, and help you with whatever is blocking your sense of peace and balance. Knock on every door that Spirit places before you. Do the best that you can and the help will be there for you.

You are never alone. All darkness will dissipate in the sun of your Faith. You are deeply loved and the fire of your concerns will be drenched in the waters of your spirit.

Know that you are loved, Rev. Barb

Affirm the Truth (part 1)

When I first began using affirmations, I repeated them a few times and hoped that what I had affirmed would manifest.  When they did not, I thought they just did not work.  Have you used affirmations in your life?  If you’ve tried using them and did not receive the results that you had hoped for, it might be because of the way that you used them.  Continue reading