Listen to Your Heart


Our hearts can be opened in so many ways.  It has a inner awareness that nothing in the outer world can come close to. Our hearts are lifted in joy, are expanded with love, cracked open in grief and elevated on a deeply attuned spiritual path.  We can influence our hearts awakening by the intentions we hold, yet the deeply moving and transformational growth comes from a higher place within us.   .

Sincere and authentic service helps to create new pathways in our brains that support the expansion of our hearts to to needs of others.  When we serve a higher purpose than our egos, our wants, our goals…. we can step on to an invisible bridge that is made of light.  The transcendental light of love builds bridges and heals wounds that nothing in this world of density can compare to.  Trying to understand the realm of the “heart” from our head is useless.

Everyone has the capacity to open their hearts.  Recently my family had our collective and individual hearts cracked open when one of our family members committed suicide.  It threw us into an emotional vulnerability that waves across our hearts and brings up feelings of guilt, regret, sadness, and an endless list of “what if’s.”   Everyone of us asked ourselves why we did not see this coming.  What could I have done that would have helped or even stopped this tragedy.  There are many things in life that are completely out of our control.

If we listen to our hearts beyond the grief and ask for help from Spirit… eventually we will find an inner peace and acceptance of the choices that life is revealing.  We don’t choose these experiences and would never invite them into our lives, and no one ever plans for them.  Never the less, there is a light shining in, around and through them that is leading us beyond the pain and suffering that is showing up in our life time.

May the power of Spirit guide your way.  Know that you are loved.   Rev. Barb


Communicating from the Heart

Rev Barb at Ananda gardens


For many years now, I have been dedicated to creating conscious, honest and connected communication.  My early years were spent with people that were snappy or brisk and it left several imprints upon me as well as an overly sensitivity.  Now that I have done a lot of inner work, I grown in different ways than my early family and mentors.  That does not mean that I am perfect at it nor does it mean that I am always charming, overly enthusiastic or bubbly in my relationships. It is a practice and I know that I am enough.  What it means is that I am mostly conscious, I am doing my best and I am being authentic in my communications with others.  I speak, listen and take actions from my heart and I am dedicated to making course corrections as I go and I am being genuine in my connections.

We know when we have not had a successful connect and communications with others. There is a distance and a lack of harmony.  The communication is not at all heart centered and we do not feel a connection.  It feels like a wall is in the way.  When I feel the frustration of not being more effective, this feeling inspires me to call upon Spirit and I release it as best I can.  I address the situation with my most authentic attention, and I have practices that ground me in my heart and it does affect my communications and relationships in divine timing.

When I am tired or not feeling as good as I can, I notice that the energy of a genuine connection is missing and it leaves me feeling disconnected.  When I make a heart centered connection with myself and others, I have a greater feeling of being whole, genuine and it boosts my self respect.

This week, perhaps you are willing to practice heart centered communication with the people in your life.  It is well worth the outcome and saves a whole lot of energy that is wasted in second guessing ourselves.

Know that You are Loved.  Blessings,  Rev. Barb

Affirmations that Work

I know the power of my thoughts, word and actions.  I have seen them work for me and I have also seen them work against me.  The only common thread is that I am there in both scenarios and I choose where I place my faith and trust.  Will I trust Spirit and practice the Presence or will I constrict the flow of good into my life because I have not opened my will, my thoughts and my heart to another greater possibility.

I frequently use Scientific Healing Affirmations by #Paramhansa Yogananda as it is one of my favorite tiny gems that helps me keep my spirit on course.  In it he points out that there are three physiological centers that we can use in affirmations.  The first is “will” affirmations that need to be centered in the “3rd Eye” or spot between the eyebrows.  When we affirm something from our will, with our focus on the 3rd eye, whatever we place in the law has far more power and intention behind it.   The second physiological site is for a “thought” affirmation and the focus is on the “medulla oblongata” which can be found in the back of your head at the bottom of the skull where there is a slight indentation.  We use this center when our thoughts need a greater boost to plant mental seeds in the universal law, knowing that they are securely planted in fertile soil where they will sprout healthy roots.   The third location is for “devotional affirmations” that need to be planted in our hearts.  We often do this quite naturally without full awareness.  The purpose of this blog is to help you in being more deliberate and intentional when using these three physiological centers to support your affirmations.

Perhaps you are willing to #practice the #Presence with me.  What are you affirming in your life today.  Where is your focus.  If it is not supporting your happiness and joy then redirect your thoughts, your will and your devotion to a higher place.

Know that you are loved,  Rev. Barb

May Love Shine Forever

DSCN2500One of my favorite places to breath and reflect is at Lotus Pond at Ananda in Northern CA.  When it is in bloom, as you can see, it is an amazing joy of beauty.

The Divine with pull us out of the very mud of our own creations and draw us into the clear air of Spirit.  Wherever we are in any moment of time, if we are not feeling joy and love, we are not attuned fully to Spirit. Our intellects may be engaged, yet if our hearts are not also fully in tune with Loves Presence, we are hopping on one foot simply trying our best to keep in balance.  It takes a lot of effort.

Parmahansa Yogananda said to “Enthrone joy in the sanctuary of all of our aspirations, noble actions and noble thoughts.  Then we will feel God as joy reigning in the kingdom of your soul, laying His scepter on the white altar of your dreams to make every thought, feeling and memory a flower blooming there.”

God is everywhere and we can see and feel the beauty of Spirit and the ever present goodness that exists everywhere, simply because God is everywhere present.  We come from that which is everywhere present and as we embrace that more fully, life blooms like the picture of the pond that you can see.

Parmhansa Yogananda had a beautiful prayer that he prayed for himself.  He said that it was the only one that he prayed on his own behalf.  It is:  “Heavenly Father, may Thy love shine forever on the shrine of my devotion.  May my devotion for Thee forever burn on the altar of my memory, and may I be able to kindly love for Thee on all altar hearts.”

With that sweet prayer I hope that you too find fulfillment in your relationship with the Divine.

Joy and Blessings.  Know that you are loved!  Rev. Barb

Conscious Pauses

DSCN2049Do you always pause before taking action?   If you naturally pause and are consciously aware before you speak and take action you are in the minority.   Many of us had to work really hard to engage this skill and most of us are still working toward mastery.   If you share your thoughts spontaneously, speaking before you think about the consequences or the impact that your words might have upon others… then you probably suffer the results in many ways.

I used to defend my right to speak my mind and share my feelings.  I realized over the many years of having to eat humble pie frequently that I had to stop this outward flow of my current perception.  My automatic triggers and opinions have caused a considerable amount of trouble through-out my life.  Even after many years of working on this, there are times when my un-tamed inner reactions can get the best of me.  This is particularly true in stressful moments, when I am tired or in vulnerable situations.  That is when I  feel less capable of screening my thoughts and I might slip into an auto-pilot mode.

Conscious practice of mindfulness and meditation helps us manage the results of living in our fast paced culture.  This is so important to me because I know that if I am not fully aware, my emotions can be hijacked. If I loose it and share something I don’t feel good about sharing, I can end up feeling upset with myself, feel less than and have to forgive myself for being human…. again.   I don’t want to live unconsciously so I do my best to stay aware of what is going on in my thoughts, feelings and in my reactions.  I work at the practice of “conscious pausing,” so I can attune myself with Spirit.  I pray that Spirit will wake me up when I am in a blind spot or slipping into the fog of delusion.

How do you handle yourself in when you feel caught up in challenging moments.

Know that you are Loved!  Rev. Barb

Observing our Thoughts

DSCN2024How are you feeling today?  Right this minute, I am beginning my day choosing to have a good day, one where I am aware of the energy that I am using to create this day.  I know that what I will have is seeded by what I accept.

As I look within myself and see the flow of my thoughts and the direction of my actions, I can see what has influenced the nuances of my life.  Are you willing to take a look at your creations as well?  Join me in exploring the creative tendency of your thoughts.  Please make sure that you explore your thoughts without blame or shame.

If I am not feeling attuned to Spirit and on top of my game, I am compelled to look for the thoughts, beliefs and attitudes that have led to the feelings I am having.  I know the power of my emotions to feed the unconscious and if I want to create a happier day with better results in my life, I have to pull the weeds of resistance to allowing myself to have the good that everyone deserves.

Why would we resist having what we want?  It is not a conscious out-picturing or a direct result of deciding not to experience our good.  It is a deeply seeded habit of belief that has not been dissolved from our unconscious.  Sometimes we create so much of our lives from a strong belief that there is not enough,  that we cannot have it better or from what is missing instead of focusing on what we do have and what we are, and what we can do with that.

Being grateful for all that is in our lives, we open the door of possibilities instead of the opposite.  All thoughts are creative and we do choose our thoughts.  If you are feeling like a fog is surrounding you, then it is time to bring in the light of the sun.  Call forth the wisdom of the divine within you and you will soon see what needs to be pulled from your mental household.  You can do this.  Choose better thoughts!

Where our thoughts go, our energy flows!  That is one of those revealing statements that really shines the light of reality for me.  Perhaps it will support you in creating a day that blesses you and the others in your life.  That is conscious co-creation with the Source of Life.  I turn to the Presence and ask for direction in leading my life where I can make a difference in the lives of others as well as in my own.  I know I cannot do this alone, even though I am responsible to point my thoughts in a positive and up-lifting direction.  If I need help doing that, I call upon Spirit to lift my vision out of the effects to the causal level where all change and direction takes place.

You are a child of God, deserving of your good.  Create a day of love, joy and service.  Plant seeds that hold meaning for you that will bless you and those in your life.

“We do not change all of the patterns of our thought in a moment. Rather, it takes place little by little, until gradually the old thought patterns become transformed into new ones by some inner alchemy of the mind, the operation of which we do not see but the manifestation of which we do experience.” ~ Ernest Holmes

Know that you are Loved!   Namaste,  Rev. Barb

Trust the Process

life coach**, spiritual counseling, spiritual counseling, life coach nevada city, spiritual counselor nevada city, wellness coach , christian counseling, spiritual therapist, online counselingEvery day we have opportunities to trust Spirit, to go more deeply into truth, and to surrender whatever comes up that appears to be blocking our self-realization.  The miracles of God are often simple opportunities to let go of our thoughts, feelings and reactions and step into the greater conscious willingness that is within us.  There are times when the energy flow is great, high and mighty and there are also times when the flow appears less apparent.

Last week I went for an eye exam and the eye doctor did not like the appearance of one of my eyes.  He set up an MRI and the scan revealed a tumor that was pushing on my eye.  That set off a series of referrals that led me to an ENT doctor and surgeon that is referring me to sinus doctor that specializes in delicate procedures.  All of this has challenged my capacity to ride the waves of uncertainty and  trust the process and stay in the present with my energy and present moment awareness.

When we have something coming up for us that adds waves to our internal calmness, what works for me is to call forth “The Presence,” and surrender all my feeling, the emotional energy and wrap it up and give it to Spirit.  The vital energies and power of our humanity stirs up the “what if’s” and that is where the inner work for the moment has to be focused.  Healing and raising my vibration.

I use prayer, dialog with the divine, contemplation, meditation, spiritual study and affirmations as part of my daily spiritual practice.  Over the years I have used the daily Spiritual Mind Treatments in Creative Thought, Unity,
Agape International, and in the Science of Mind magazines, Louise Hays, Deepak Chopra’s and many others.  One of favorite daily tools is “Affirmations for Self- Healing” by Swami Kriyananda, direct disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda.

“I hold my thoughts up to the calmness within; in calmness I receive inspiration from my higher Self.”

Paramhansa Yogananda said:  “The GREATER the WILL, the greater the FLOW OF ENERGY.”

Today I trust in the divine flow and process that is leading me into the unique rhythm,pulse and ever greater attunement with Spirit.  I give thanks for all that is in my life and all that I am, knowing I am always loved, guided, guarded and directed by the Spirit of the Indwelling Presence and so are you.   And So It Is!

Know how deeply loved you are,  Blessings,  Rev. Barb