You Are Creative

I love being creative and finding ways to express the playfulness within me.  Do you think of yourself as a creative person? You are creative whether or not you accept that definition.  Each one of us is directing the energy of our lives with each thought that we think, and especially with the repetition of thought tendencies.

In the Way of Mastery, one of my frequently read books next to my meditation chair, it uses the metaphor of dropping a pebble into the field of consciousness, and realizing the rippling effect.  It reminds us that we are not victims of the world that we see, we are instead ceaseless creators, made of the very same substance of our Creator.

We gain energy and momentum when we use the power of our awareness, to deliberately and selectively choose which vibrations, which web of relationships we will pull into our field of awareness.  What thoughts will we resonate with and align and create ourselves with and which ones will we let dissolve from our minds and from our awareness.  We are choosing all of the time with the attention that we give our thought process.

Whatever we are experiencing in the moment, good or not so good, happy or sad, healthy or not, it is an effect, a ripple or a pebble or thought that we have dropped into our mind at one time or another and we are seeing the events of those thoughts that we have fostered and fed with our attention.

What is so very important to know and practice is making a conscious shift in our awareness.  We can change directions at every moment.  We can drop another pebble into pool of our awareness and know that our intentions are alive and within us at all times.  We are constantly creative and can change the direction that we are headed in at any moment.  It is about being willing to look at where we are at in any moment in time, and be courageous enough to “think a new thought.”

Are you willing to look at where you are right now.  Do you like how you are feeling, thinking and being?  If not, are you ready to change directions?  All that it takes… is a decision to do so and an intention to take one step at a time.  For me, I like to consciously connect with the Source of Life because it energizes me and helps me plug into the infinite flow of possibilities.

You are creative and you are always able to rethink.  Open your heart to the spirit and you will feel the limitless flow of Gods love.

Know that you are deeply Loved!  Blessings,  Rev.  Barb

River of Life

I have found great meaning in the River of Life The River of our lives flows right through us and it is our Life Current and it is the Universal Life Force and I know in my heart of hearts that it is present in all that is.   I believe that the River of Life is always leading us to our Ocean of Divine Consciousness.  This river is also our Essential Nature and is a unifying Life Force that is present in every aspect of nature, the cosmos, and universes within universes.  It is intelligent and prompts us to embody its principles of Oneness.  It is an amazing expression of the Divine Source of Life and Universal Intelligence.   For the sake of my writing, speaking and teaching, I find this is a magnificent metaphor for our lives, so I will be sharing more about these ideas that are actually pages from a book I’ve been writing.

Who is navigating your river of life?  If you are like most of us, we discover that we have a lot of stuff in the way of our flow.  Every thing that we hold on to, from one end of the spectrum to the other, the stuff we refuse to face or observe about ourselves and our lives, are the very obstacles that we must learn to flow around.  The boulders and rocks in our way are just like thoughts, attachments, and issues that life drudges up from the bottom of the river, or from our subconscious mind that we have not realized are sitting there, ready to be triggered by some storm or quickly moving surge of energy that throws us off balance. John Muir said:” It’s wonderful how nature is a part of us. The sun shines not on us – but in us. The rivers flow not past us – but Through us.”

Are you in the natural flow today? Created in the image and likeness…. we have natural rhythms within us – to live joyfully. This is Divine free energy and it flows forth from the Love of God. Its unconditional love is free and expansive. All spiritual technologies are designed to help us navigate the River of Lives and move closer to the Infinite Sea. We are Love – expressing. If we forget that we are likely to hold on tightly to banks of the river and that is when the flow slows down or even stops or causes stagnation in our lives.

Be Like the River: As spiritual beings … we want to observe how we are doing. Unpolluted rivers don’t get hung up on things. When something is in the way… rivers just flow around it. Boulders- Trees – people – animals – There are no real Obstacles… to the Divine…. when we are in that flow of divine presence. We’re can live consciously in Divine Partnership. When our thoughts appear to be true because we’ve believed they are real, that is when we can create a lot of emotional waves that drain our energy and cause us great stress. We might imagine that people, situations, circumstances are against us and we make up the story that they are blocking our good and standing in our way. This is often called race mind, in New Thought, because it reflects a collective belief that many people have accepted as true. What causes you to Hold on to the Banks? How do you respond to life when challenges seem overwhelming? Do you face them and tackle them or do you freak out?

  •  STAGNANT rivers are just like our lives. Do you have a stuck place in your life?  What is it and are you willing to give it up to the Ocean of Divine Consciousness?
  •  EDDIES…. are places in our lives that keep going in circles… getting no where.  We keep repeating the same old stories that are no longer relevant, except we keep them alive.  We just keep going round and round again reviewing what happened, who did it, why we feel justified in feeling these worn out justification for not moving beyond the issues and forgiving ourselves and others.  Turn it over to Divine Mother, give it over to God and grow now.
  • HABITS clog up the works. Break habits of regrets, anger, sadness, addictions, triggered reactions, avoidance, negative thinking, believing that you are a victim.
  • FEAR makes us hold on; letting go can be so challenging when we cannot trust.

We cling to the banks of the river because we’re still attached to outcomes, unfulfilled desires, fear of loss, fear of the unknown, fear that life may not offer us more than what we’ve already experienced. Maybe you are feeling fear because you are getting older and you might be living alone.  Many people are afraid of getting sick, dying or having something or someone harm them.  Divine Mother is calling us home to transparency and living a more empowered life of joy if we can release the past and move into higher realms of consciousness.  This is one of several articles that will be featured on expanding the River of Life.    

Know that you are Loved, Rev. Barb 

Energy in Motion

I began today with what appeared to be a centered and joyful inner place. I discovered the threshold of my inner peace when I encountered another challenge with the installation of windows 7 on my laptop and I saw how close another layer of stress was when once again, I had to give up my plan to write and do what I wanted to do. Breathing in to center myself, I was prepared to call the microsoft team that helped with install the program and I found out they were not available.

What happens to you when your well being and energy is intruded upon by outside situations and trials? We are constantly directing the Creative Energy (God or Spirit) to provide new experiences in our lives that will enable us to say, “I Am…” and really believe what we are saying. What I know is that our words act as orders which the universe always finds a way to fulfill.

So I certainly do give it my best effort to be as aware as I can be, to keep that in mind, when I start to feel stirred up emotionally when situations, such as my computer and the operation of my telephone, went completely wacky.

Calling upon my higher self, I ask myself What skill can I call forth and build upon that will help me stay ever more aware  of my conscious connection with Spirit. The deepening of my breath always helps me. I often take a short walk outside and take in some fresh air. Once I get ahold of myself and I am not running wild and crazy reactive thoughts any longer. That is when I am more likely to be able to anchor my practice and use deeper tools to work on my subconscious reactive patterns.
I use affirmations of clarity that help me attune myself to the ever present divine currrents of transformation. Another great spiritual tool was brought to the west by the great master Parmahansa Yogananda. He suggests that we take a deep breath and then tense our whole body and then release the breath and the tension. Do this three times. Take a deep breath. Go ahead…try it.   Breath deeply a few times and then affirm:

1. I focus on my spiritual eye and affirm that I am alert and awake in the midst of any emotional charge.
2. I am the captain of my emotional ship and I sail upon calm and peaceful seas.
3. Regardless of any temporary appearance, my life is getting better all of the time.
4. I live in divine partnership and I am established in equalibrium and balance.
5. Joy is my divine right inheritance and I call upon it now, to restore me to my truth.

We all know when we have lost our center. Especially When fear is triggered by outside situations, we have a tendency to resist the healing that comes forth the very instant that we “speak our truth,” and call upon the Presence as Love. When an appearance comes up and it seems like it is able to obstruct the truth within us, we are caught in a shadow. We are then giving our power over to the tiny shadow and fear contracts and leads us in the opposite direction, away from Love because we have believed in the power of the shadow instead of letting the Christ or illumined mind live within us. Until our trust in the divine is so grounded in truth, we might let fear distract us, over and over again and the results will be that we follow negative thinking down the slide of discontent.

To help you develop new habits of practice I might suggest that you memorize affirmative thoughts, such as a favorite bible verse, or uplifting ideas like the ones I’ve written above until they become ingrained within you that will help you form new habits.

May love direct each of your steps and I pray that this love transforms your journey. We are on the planet to return to Love and remember who we really are as children of the Most High. Let the wave of divine momentum keep you alive and awakened to the Christ within your heart and mind. Allow yourself to feel the Presence within  you. Use the name that most resonates with you.  I call this the Presence, Divine Mother, Christ, the Buddah nature,it is Love expressing. There is only One Creator in whom we live, move and have our being.   Its nature is Love.  Stay Connected!

Know that you are deeply Loved! Rev. Barb Walley

Gentle Spirit: Part 2

We have inherited divine natures that are gentle and loving. We probably need to grow into them from what I have observed in my own life. My ego wants to push all of that stuff aside and get what I want. The trouble with that is that does not work to create a life of peace, joy and harmony for everyone

As spiritual beings we are choosing to become more gentle and loving toward ourselves, the Earth and all others. How are we using the power of our magnetism? We are here to share our love and uplift, expand and support the expression of love wherever we are.
We need to ask ourselves how are we using these precious energies?   These gifts of life are meant for everyone.  They are not meant to be misused only by the powerful to gain more money, control over the resources.  We all must honor the whole.  Take a “higher view” and realize the “intention” behind realizing how to use these powerful “spiritual tools” are for the “Highest” and “greatest purposes” that are so greatly needed.
My personal goal is to share the love and healing power with as many souls as I can.  I am in service to help others make their sacred connection to Spirit.  I provide tools, hope and universal wisdom to help you get closer to the Source that loves you deeply.  I pray that everyone can feel the love that I feel blessed with every day and learn how to use universal “Laws” wisely.  I will share divine truths to help you see beyond self interests to the divine, inclusive and gentle nature of God within us all.  These qualities belong to all people everywhere and have no religious ownership because they come from the Source of Life and were never given to impose dogmatic ownership.
Many creative beings from artists, musicians, metaphysicians and more recently scientists have realized the generating power of Spirit and the “vibrations” that are sent out with every loving thought, feeling, intention and the consequences of mis-directing that energy.  Science has proven that energy never dies but it can be changed. That is one of our intentions as we honor our “divinity.”  We can learn to use the energy within us more wisely and with dedication to support an expanding harmony and peace on earth.  It is ours to support this greater vision and to take positive actions to bring it about.
This life is for “mastery” and I hope that you choose to align with Spirit mentally, physically, emotionally, or energetically and let your love help us all grow beyond the habits we’ve held on to for many “lifetimes.”   Our willingness to be lovingly guided to re-qualify what we feel, dwell on or think about. Our work is truly transformational because it will change the lingering human shadows and can potentially “interrupt” the patterns that are clearly not divine in origin.  It is time that we shift from our mortal sense of self and turn it “over” to the Holy Spirit and learn to be forgiving of ourselves and others and lets interrupt these old patterns and bring them into the light.
“Keep the Divine Fires Going” and place every less than feeling, every un-loving pattern of comparison – judgment – anger – reactive thought or belief that denies our oneness and separates us from LOVE on the altar because it simply has got to go!  Give it over without attachment and you too will learn to “Toil Not” nor will you have to ”Spin.”

Know that you are Loved.   Rev. Barb Walley

Gentle Spirit: Part 1

The Christian Bible teaches us that if our “Eye is single we shall be filled with light.”  That is, when we perceive the Unity of Good we shall experience it and feel it because we are no longer divided but living in alignment with the whole. But if our eye be filled with evil or shadows of fear and separation we shall remain in darkness. We must cleave to the good and trust absolutely in Spirit to bring about divine and positive outcomes and uplifting results.  Divine Mind will mold our purposes when we allow It to do so.

As we learn to depend more and more upon the universal truths we shall find that the outward things which are necessary to our good, will be provided.  We shall be cared for as the Lilies of the Field, which live directly upon the Divine bounty. And yet they toil not nor do they spin.   This was a quote by Ernest Holmes.  Dr. Holmes often quoted Jesus and suggested that we Seek First the Kingdom and learn to be deeply focus on the highest and greatest trust and understanding that we can embrace.

Spiritual Mastery is about gaining a control of our Thoughts, Feelings and energy.   We can become exhausted doing this work alone.  We need to realize that life triggers our  unconscious feelings and we will just express them unconsciously until we awaken more fully.  Do you want to express your shadows without any filters?  That is what happens and it leaks out of our energy field and acts upon life, often someone else is impacted before we realize that it has come up from our unconsciousness to be healed.

We are being called to live more masterfully and we can choose to call forth a greater willingness to be “gentle.” The Beloved is so quiet and gentle – we barely notice the “Presence” when it’s with us.

Dr. Holmes said that Divine Mind will mold our purposes when we allow It and we invite it to do so.  I believe he was talking about an intimate partnership and learning to surrender and clear all separating thoughts and willfulness.  This is the reason why I suggest you place all negative thinking and beliefs on the “Altar Fire” of the “Holy Spirit.”

When the Master Jesus said that he was providing a means for his followers  to always be in His Presence, he was calling our awareness to the “Holy Spirit,” and the many ways we are brought back into the “light” when our thoughts, feelings and attitudes are not in alignment with truth.

Gods Nature really is quite gentle, sweetly gracious and absolutely loving.  Know that you are loved,

Blessings,  Rev. Barb Walley