Measuring or Comparing Yourself?

Part 1:   When circumstances or situations are just ripe, many of us can slip into the inadequacy dance.   We go round and round comparing and measuring ourselves and our lives against the perception that we have of someone else’s life.  The very fact that we are doing that, points to a a strong sense of “I am not enough.”   That is not the truth but the habit and seduction of this mind set can erode the tenor of even the most precious times of our lives.

Growing up in my family, I was compared to my older sister for most of my childhood or my cousins, our neighbors and who knows who.  My parents often compared themselves to the lives of others.  Once the habit was established no one had to say a thing, I was off and running my mind in many circles and endless reasons why I did not make the grade.  I was a sensitive child who did not approach things in the ways that my family thought I should and that provoked any number of reasons to tell me who and what I ought to be.

Learning to be our own selves and honoring who we are is so essential.  Learning to stop comparing ourselves and our lives to everyone and their sister is a struggle that we have to overcome to be our authentic selves.   Creative people, and I am one, will often address things in a way that does not conform to others peoples way of going about things.  Other than safety and being kind and considerate, everyone has the right and the need to be themselves.  There is no one who can take their place.  We are all unique souls that are here for a reason.  What that might be is a struggle that many souls wrestle with for years and eve lifetimes.

Please don’t waste your life on endless comparisons.  Take a look at what is going on. Are you feeling badly about yourself or your life because you are comparing yourself to someone else.  Make the decision to honor who you are!  You are a precious soul on this earth and you are here for a reason, a season and this lifetime.  Life is our teacher and many come to our aid to reflect what we need to learn this time through.  Do your best to learn what life is trying to teach you.  You are not alone.  We are all needing to fulfill the larger reason for our presence here on the earth right now.

Know that You are Greatly Loved!   Rev Barb

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