Emotional Freedom is your Divine Right

DSCN1895Many of us are feeling very sensitive these days.  When our lives are in high gear because of the many things most of us try to accomplish in a day, there are times when we feel an intensity that impacts us emotionally. My purpose in my blog posts is to help bring a greater peace, joy and harmony to our lives.  I teach classes that help us grasp what Emotional Freedom means and I also  provide user friendly tools to recognize, suspend and then dissolve the effects caused by the  excitable emotional self.

In my ministry and Kriya Yoga practice I’ve been practicing how to tune into my own energy and direct it to a my  (third eye) spiritual eye. It is a conscious practice of going within ourselves instead of being seduced by whatever else is going on. You and I are meant to be “free” and to get there we must master many aspects of  ourselves.

The work I have been doing for many years now is focused on mastering the many aspects of ourselves, especially the emotional self.  There are great tools to help each one of us to grow and raise the vibrations within us.  There are many paths leading to the some Source.  Just choose one that works for you and takes you beyond the ego self.

When I see the impact of the collective choices on our planet I see that the level of indulgence in the past few generations especially, has been enormous.  When we are more concerned and compassionate toward our planet and all of life… than we are about checking our emails, then we might just change the consequences of being caught in the material world.  Daily I have to work within myself to restore my emotional balance as I see the direction our world is headed.  I know you must feel the impact of greed and unconscious living has emerged and will impact greatly the future generations, the animals and the painful reality of beloved planet.  Just look at the impact on nature, and we have to see how important it is for all of us to stop, now and look around.and many of us are still saying… “Everybody look whats going on!”  Freedom is for us all, not just the greedy, rich and powerful.  God created us all to be Free from fear, greed, self indulgence and we must play our part in some beneficial way. How do you want to make a difference?  Where can you help if you are not doing something empowering.  It takes a consciousness shift and we are in the process.  For every soul who is doing something actively kind, thoughtful, inclusive, beneficial and generous I say “bless you” for caring.  We can make a difference, large or small, to lift the veil of ignorance and greed from our collective lives and for benefit of all living things.  I send you my heartfelt “Thank You” for making a difference.  You really do matter!

Know that you are Loved!  Rev. Barb Walley

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