As Within So Without

 1381644_594206667283333_1578599035_nDr. Ernest Holmes, the Founder of The Science of Mind, had a great way of reminding us of the power of our thoughts to create our circumstances, situations and reality.  It was brought to mind by a sweet friend and SOM teacher I met at my first church in Glendale, Dr. Terry.   “As Within, So Without.”  Dr. Holmes used this principle often when he was expounding on the power and creativity of our thoughts to act upon the energy and will we use that is creative far beyond our current understanding.

We are cooking up our personalized version of “food for thought” all of the time.  Most of those thoughts slip by us and we wonder why we are feeling a certain way.

The Universe is always revealing what we need to shift in our awareness and thinking to clean up the mental messes that we tend to create when we are not fully aware of what Terry calls “vitriolic tirades” that are just beneath the surface of our consciousness.  We hide the dark shadows of our attitudes and judgments because we are not willing to reveal them, even to ourselves.

The trouble we have with hiding our true beliefs is that they come up and out in spite of our best intentions to keep them to ourselves.  We are all one and the Universe is always showing that to us.

I live in the rolling hills of northern CA and I love how nature tells me when I am fooling myself.  We have lots of bluejays here and they are very loud.  One poignant morning when I had buried my true thoughts beneath the surface of my conscious awareness a while ago, the very loud squawk of the bluejays sounded off like an alarm, swalk, swalk, swalk, as if to say…. Yada, yada, yada… BS, you are not telling the truth to yourself.   I heard the alarm loud and clear and regrouped with a deeper look at my feelings and saw the incongruence.  I took notice and I have an increased intention to work out the inner hidden corners of my life, where the dust of inconsistency and unwillingness accumulates.


Spirit reveals our truth all of the time, giving us the opportunities to be honest and more our true selves.  We are created in the “image and likeness” of the Divine Source of Life and we will grow in this life time or the next.

Know that you are Loved,  Namaste,  Rev. Barb

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