Happiness is an Inside Job

life coach**, spiritual counseling, spiritual counseling, life coach nevada city, spiritual counselor nevada city, wellness coach , christian counseling, spiritual therapist, online counselingThere is great wisdom in observing what our thoughts are revealing to us. Many great spiritual masters have taught for thousands of years to focus on the name of God, a spiritual chant or mantra.  Many great religions guide us to self realized and  enlightened masters whose lives are examples of awakening to truths beyond our current understanding.  .

Each day I seek to be the best version of myself that I can be.  How I do it is to practice Kriya Yoga.  My inner work is to be more connected to God within than to what I want or do not want.  It is a huge habit.

When we are caught in our wants…. We are telling the universe that we will be happy only when we “have” what we want.  What I really want is to be happy and free, so I must release the conditions I place on myself.

If I hold on to that perception, I am saying that I cannot be happy now and will not be happy until we have this relationship, this amount of money, travel to beautiful places, your children are more educated.

Many of us grew up thinking that our success and joy will come from winning the fame game.  If I was a rock star or perhaps doctor I would receive lots of fame and recognition, money to buy lots of stuff and then I will be happy.   Our attachment to  accomplish something is motivated by a false premise.   Having control over someone or something, owning lots of land, a big house, or a specific car, having lots of disposable income does not insure happiness.  Your happiness is connected to whatever you believe you must have.

That is a sure fire recipe for unhappiness.  Our wants keep us in a prison of various levels of dissatisfaction because we have bought into the belief that our happiness is connected to another person, an accomplishment, a possession of some kind, an amount of money, outward recognition by others, traveling to exotic and beautiful places or whatever we place significant meaning to.

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