The Power of your Will


life coach**, spiritual counseling, spiritual counseling, life coach nevada city, spiritual counselor nevada city, wellness coach , christian counseling, spiritual therapist, online counselingHave you ever observed how you use your will power?  Do you use it consciously?  Is it active or reactive?

As I continue my spiritual work, I have been ever more aware of the use I make or do not make of my will power.  Am I using it to grow more deeply in my relationship with Spirit?  Am I using it to make wise use of my energy and time?

I am observing how my will and my energy flow are very aligned.  Using my will to boost the flow of my energy I am seeing how I have far more energy to use to do the things that might have drained my reserves in the past.

It is not at all like being pushed by some emotional urge that comes and goes.
That is reactive and leaves us very quickly.  By applying my will with the intention of drawing the energy from the Universal flow of life, I am engaging a limitless resource to fill my cup as quickly as the normal reserves are used.

This is a practice that has become more conscious as I have learned to use the Self-Realization Energization Exercises.  It is a practice of conscious life-force control that we can draw upon by using our will power.  We bring forth an unlimited energy from the infinite supply and we recharge our body cells instantly.

Paramahansa Yogananda taught how one can work without feeling fatigue.   I have been testing this practice out as I have had to work longer hours on my feet.   My schedule demands that I manage my energy and I have put the formula that Yogananda suggested to work to help me stay more centered, joyful and filled with energy.  I have been learning to use my will to draw energy directly from the boundless source of life and I am noticing that I am not as fatigued.

So perhaps you will join me in awakening your will power.  It is a conscious drawing of energy from the infinite supply that is limitless.  We begin to see that we are able to rise above the needs that we used to use.  It is a process that we can learn to use the laws of Spirit and our own will power and draw energy from the limitless Source of Life.

Know that you are Love,  Rev. Barb

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