A World that works for Everyone

1381644_594206667283333_1578599035_nDid you make any new year commitments to yourself? One of my mine, if I was to have one,  was to be more joyful and lighten up.  It is really easy to take life so seriously that we barely see the beautiful, cooperative and uplifting expressions of life all around us.  I live in a beautiful place and I never want to loose sight of that and get caught up in my stuff and miss the daily grace of nature in all her glory.

There are times when I have felt great despair over the situations and circumstances of the world we live in.   The bad news, which I avoid most of the time, is filled with appearing great injustices and lack of compassion and imbalance for nature and many souls who need the basics of life.  Perhaps you too have felt disappointed in some of challenges that we are facing in our world.

Each day I do my best to interrupt any pessimistic mindsets when it shows up and I work at being very mindful of remaining hopeful and empowered.   So I recently took a good look at what I needed to be and do to bring some of the great wisdom and realizations into my life more deeply.  I asked myself in contemplation and meditation and I asked Spirit… how I can shift my heart and my outlook more deliberately and step more firmly on the ground of being a beneficial presence on the planet in a more effective ways today.

“In the Science of Mind textbook, Dr. Ernest Holmes taught that we learn that persistent, constructive thought is the greatest power known and the most effective.  The truth is always the remedy, and the Truth is that the law of liberty is the only real law. When we reverse the process of thought, the effect will be reversed.”

So I am actively reversing every thought that does not belong in my mental and emotional outlook.  Many truth students are actively applying the idea of a “World that Works for Everyone” this whole year.”  I have my heart and mind open to new ways to bring this idea into expression in my life.  Would you like to join me in this intention for you and those around you?

Know that you are Loved,  Blessings,  Rev. Barb



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