Doubt and Complaint Free

DSCN1895If you ever find yourself going in circles of doubt or complaint… you might be caught up in the eddies, or cycles of fearful excuses for not moving forward.

You can make progress.  I have to keep a watch out for the “Doubting Thomas” within myself.  I have inherited a huge dose and I can slip into a mental framework that won’t help my forward movement in any area of my life.

I choose faith over fear and still I come face to face with fearful attitudes that can obscure trust and hope and lead me down the rabbit hole of old habits of thought.

There are times when I have a good handle on this and at other times I feel more vulnerable.  I have to be watchful of where my thoughts and attitudes are or I can get caught in the downward pull. Negativity has a strong gravitational pull on us, especially when the issues of this world are so challenging all around us.

I choose to ” Seek first the Kingdom of God, the all good.  I know that there is a power greater than our habits and behaviors that can draw our samskaras or karmic patterns and habits up into the sacred fire of transformation and release the hold upon us.  Don’t ever give up.

I know that this is possible.  I have experienced it many times along my pathway as I continue to reach for complete liberation and Self Realization.  I still work on it and it has improved greatly.  I practice prayer, conscious breathing, pranayama, Hong Sau, chanting and they open the doors of doubt to a new ray of light that fills our hearts and brings the presence and powerful light of good that we have very little awareness of.  Attunement is a practice and what we practice we will experience more of.  Never give up.  You are growing.

Know that you are loved.  Rev. Barb

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