Emotional Surfing

DSCN2674Do you have times when you wake up and you realize that you are feeling far more sensitive than usual? It seems like the button within you has been pushed and you have not even gotten out of bed yet?

When we are moving through an emotional storm the best thing that I can do for myself is to be an “observer.”   If I watch the energy that is coming up, I do not have to take it so seriously and that allows it to pass more quickly.

Breathing consciously and deliberately helps me when I find myself in one of these challenging moments.  They pass more quickly when I am not as hooked into reactive responses.  I want to respond to life from the highest place within me.  Breathing deeply helps me to remain compassionate with myself and others.

I make a practice of stepping back.  This enables me to rise above my emotions and center myself in a more calm and gentle place within.  This is a valuable spiritual life skill that is so useful to me and it saves me from being the source of hurt feelings and I can safely surf around the waves of drama that might have developed if I was not paying attention.

I pray that you have a day filled with the joy and peace of Spirit.  You can and you will if you remember to take a deep breath when something comes up within you that needs to move out of your way.

Know that you are loved.  Rev. Barb

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