You really are Enough

IMG_0770Regardless of how you might be feeling right now,  the reality is You Are Enough.  You were created by a loving Spirit and Intelligence that knows our Souls.  We have lived for many life times.

The Soul within us carries the substance and wisdom of the Creator of the Universe.  When we identify with our egos and think that is who we are, we get rocked by waves of life.  The soul is the observer within us.  It is not moved by the ups and down of life.  They are just mistakes or unconscious imprints that we pick up along the journey in this life.  We are here on this beautiful Earth to awaken.   Your mistakes are not the truth of our being.  They are lessons and opportunities.  They are superficial sticky notes that get attached to our mental outlooks because we have not mastered our truth.

Follow me on Facebook and Twitter.  I have been using Sacred Life Tools as a means and practice to teach myself how to embody a new self image that is not just an ego boost but a way to deliberately challenge the misprints I have picked up and re-program my flawed thinking.  It has been work and I won’t tell you it is always easy.  You can do this… just don’t give up.

We give a body to the thoughts, attitudes and beliefs that we are not checking out before lodging them into our own mental outlook.  I use affirmations, meditation, chants, prayer, staying in contact with Spirit at all times and I listen to the Presence as much as possible.

Know that you are loved.  You do matter.    Blessings,  Rev. Barb

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