You Are Enough!

DSCN2043You can feel good about yourself!  You can feel more confident and certain about who you really are? Even if you have to work really hard to feel OK about yourself today, you can make progress and grow beyond the limitations you might be feeling about yourself and your life.

Fear, uncertainty and hesitation are often caused by deeply rooted insecurities that interfere with our capacity to benefit from opportunities that present themselves in our lives.

For far too many years I struggled with self esteem issues. I still have old stuff coming to the surface in fragile moments.  For years I did my best to discover grow past the pain.  When I finally realized that I was suffering from the belief that I was “not enough,” the real inner work began. If you are dealing with self esteem issues, you too may be wondering how to solve this demoralizing challenge.

I had to find a way to through these patterns.  Everything that I encountered, whether it was in my relationships, my career, my personal goals  was colored by a lack of faith in who I really am.

Every little thing I did was tinted by my self concept.  I sought approval outside of myself because I had so little inside.  If I did not feel that I did a good job at something, I fell into the same trap of “Not Enough.”

In 1978 I found the Course in Miracles.  It helped me see that the lens I was looking through was not true.   In 1980 I found the Science of Mind, a New Thought – Ageless Wisdom teaching and I discovered that I could change my thoughts.

I began to take classes that helped me change the tenor of my life.  I discovered conscious tools that helped me change the way I was thinking, feeling and acting toward myself and others.

Whenever I slipped into old patterns I had to interrupt the perception.  These shadows brought forth very familiar feelings.  If that energy shows up now, I have effective tools to help me get back on track.  I practice being present in the moment.

I learned to become the “observer.” I was able to see how my thoughts were draining my own energy reserve.  I learned about restoring a healthy calm place within me by placing my hand on my heart.  I watch my breath and consciously breath deeply into my heart.  My body shifts.  I call upon Spirit to assist me in engaging my higher self, which is a much more empowering mental place.  Empowering energy is increased, and a positive flow replaces caused by un-transformed beliefs.

#I am enough and I know that you are enough!  It  takes determination and “acceptance” of ourselves in a conscious practice to shift.  In those fragile moments, I call upon the help of a power greater than I am to assist me in seeing beyond appearances and old self concepts.  I realize how I set myself up.  With compassion, I am able to consider things from my heart instead of my head.  I have to stop  measuring myself from outward situations and circumstances.

#Parmahansa Yogananda wrote this in one of his poems… God, God, God: “When boisterous storms loudly shriek, and when worries howl at me.  I shall drown their noise by loudly chanting… God, God, God.”

You are Enough.  Regardless of what your self talk might be screaming at you, you are still Enough.  With the help of Spirit – I know you too can shift your energy and enjoy more of your life.

Know that you are Loved!   Blessings,  Rev. Barb

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