Energy Drains

How is your energy supply today? Do you notice what tends to drain you? If I am not on top of what is going on within my emotions, I have no clue as to why I am feeling tired and drained of my normal energy flow.

My life has always presented me with plenty of emotional lessons. I realized quite some time ago that I had to figure out how to master my emotions. Over the years, I have made lots of progress, yet it is still a constant practice of both present moment awareness and shifting to my hearts intelligence and out of my head.

When I manage my emotions and don’t take the roller coaster ride of assigned meanings, I am significantly more free from moods, impulses, or frustrations. I find that I am less likely to blame or shame myself or others for any of the emotional experiences that come up within me.

When I use the some of my favorite realization tools, like placing my hand on my heart, and breathing into my heart center, I find that I become more calm, centered and awake to my inner self. I stop reacting to what is going on outside of myself and the triggers that throw me off balance. I realize the reactions are within me and I can breath new life into myself, as soon as I become conscious of what is going on within me.

You can master your emotions a little bit at a time. Next time you feel stressed, simply place your hand on your heart and breath into it. It is a #HeartMath tool that I have been using for many years and it always works for me.

Each time I shift my energy from an exhausting and draining experience to a more aware and heart centered place within me, I find that my heart leads my head into a more congruent, helpful and uplifting place. I am happier, healthier and more joyful and from that place, I can serve others.

#EmotionalFreedom is essential to my life. I find that I have a greater capacity to use my mind and I am more open to the possibilities before me.

Know that you are loved!    Blessings, Rev. Barb

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