Darkness dissipates in the Light

life coach**, spiritual counseling, spiritual counseling, life coach nevada city, spiritual counselor nevada city, wellness coach , christian counseling, spiritual therapist, online counselingAll negativity, thoughts or attitudes are dissipated in the sun of your faith. All challenging situations, like a fire, are distinguished by the waters of the spirit of the indwelling Presence.

If you are having a challenge that is bothering you today, I know it can push you up against the wall of resistance, and feel like it won’t go away. I promise you, if you ask Spirit… the support will be there to help you through it to a better internal place.

I have had times when the darkness surrounded me, and it seemed like a thick fog was blocking my vision and hopefulness. When my focus is on Spirit, I know that God is at the center of everything and I will be guided to the light if I seek it. We are protected by the omnipresent and omnipotent power and presence. We must call upon Spirit and the help will be there.

Everyone has a right live in joy. We call forth the harmony and inner peace, and it will come as we dwell in the Divine Presence. Jesus guided us to ask, seek and knock. Ask for the awareness of your partnership with Spirit today. Seek to feel it, see it, and increase your awareness of the many ways that Spirit can guide you, and help you with whatever is blocking your sense of peace and balance. Knock on every door that Spirit places before you. Do the best that you can and the help will be there for you.

You are never alone. All darkness will dissipate in the sun of your Faith. You are deeply loved and the fire of your concerns will be drenched in the waters of your spirit.

Know that you are loved, Rev. Barb

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