Observing our Thoughts

DSCN2024How are you feeling today?  Right this minute, I am beginning my day choosing to have a good day, one where I am aware of the energy that I am using to create this day.  I know that what I will have is seeded by what I accept.

As I look within myself and see the flow of my thoughts and the direction of my actions, I can see what has influenced the nuances of my life.  Are you willing to take a look at your creations as well?  Join me in exploring the creative tendency of your thoughts.  Please make sure that you explore your thoughts without blame or shame.

If I am not feeling attuned to Spirit and on top of my game, I am compelled to look for the thoughts, beliefs and attitudes that have led to the feelings I am having.  I know the power of my emotions to feed the unconscious and if I want to create a happier day with better results in my life, I have to pull the weeds of resistance to allowing myself to have the good that everyone deserves.

Why would we resist having what we want?  It is not a conscious out-picturing or a direct result of deciding not to experience our good.  It is a deeply seeded habit of belief that has not been dissolved from our unconscious.  Sometimes we create so much of our lives from a strong belief that there is not enough,  that we cannot have it better or from what is missing instead of focusing on what we do have and what we are, and what we can do with that.

Being grateful for all that is in our lives, we open the door of possibilities instead of the opposite.  All thoughts are creative and we do choose our thoughts.  If you are feeling like a fog is surrounding you, then it is time to bring in the light of the sun.  Call forth the wisdom of the divine within you and you will soon see what needs to be pulled from your mental household.  You can do this.  Choose better thoughts!

Where our thoughts go, our energy flows!  That is one of those revealing statements that really shines the light of reality for me.  Perhaps it will support you in creating a day that blesses you and the others in your life.  That is conscious co-creation with the Source of Life.  I turn to the Presence and ask for direction in leading my life where I can make a difference in the lives of others as well as in my own.  I know I cannot do this alone, even though I am responsible to point my thoughts in a positive and up-lifting direction.  If I need help doing that, I call upon Spirit to lift my vision out of the effects to the causal level where all change and direction takes place.

You are a child of God, deserving of your good.  Create a day of love, joy and service.  Plant seeds that hold meaning for you that will bless you and those in your life.

“We do not change all of the patterns of our thought in a moment. Rather, it takes place little by little, until gradually the old thought patterns become transformed into new ones by some inner alchemy of the mind, the operation of which we do not see but the manifestation of which we do experience.” ~ Ernest Holmes

Know that you are Loved!   Namaste,  Rev. Barb

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