Self Awareness – Knowing Ourselves

Honest self awarenlife coach**, spiritual counseling, spiritual counseling, life coach nevada city, spiritual counselor nevada city, wellness coach , christian counseling, spiritual therapist, online counselingess is an essential key to happiness. It helps us open our minds and hearts to others.  I choose to be more present and available to others.  Yet I realize that I cannot help anyone when I am not feeling content with myself.  Are your thoughts empowering or demeaning to yourself?  Are you more supportive of others than you are of yourself.  Some teachers say that we ought to give it all to others in service and to forget ourselves.

I have come to realize that I need balance.  I must balance my service to others with a kind self regard and appreciation of the presence of the divine within myself.  When I am not appreciating the “presence” within me, I am unable to open up to a greater flow of life energy that is supportive and giving of itself through me.  If I cannot honor myself and my strength as a vessel, the energy that flows through me is not as uplifting.  It is soured and unpleasantly flavored and I push the good away from me instead of drawing it in more closely.  I want to share the sweetness and joyful possibilities that Spirit expresses through me when I am not blocking the good with old stories and worn out beliefs.

We cannot create something new with the same energy and mindset that created incoherence.  Coherence calls for vigilant self inquiry.  I know that I must reach beyond the limitations of the small self to a power greater than myself.  That opens up a flow that blesses me and flows out generously to others.


There is a Power for Good that is always available

I open myself to the Infinite flow of Its nature and

It blesses me with an unlimited awareness, flow, and balance

It elevates my relationship with myself and others

The very tenor of my life expresses harmony, joy and possibilities

From that uplifted energy everything in my life improves

The awareness of my Oneness with Spirit lifts me up

And changes everything I encounter with increased love and grace.

And So It Is!

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