Soul Presence or Body

Dear Cyber Friends:  I have been doing my best to rise above the consequences of a Sinus surgery the last few days.  There is nothing like an physical problem that can challenge our spiritual knowing and cause us to pull down the landing wheels and face whatever it is full on.  I came through the surgery so well.   Then an appearance showed up and I was a bit surprised on the third day after surgery my eye lid and surrounding eye tissue was dark and inflamed.  I guess I thought that I would miss the difficulties that I am having to deal with.

Never the less – I know, that I am not my body, I (Spirit/soul as me) am in a body.  And when I feel great the body is a vehicle for my healthy and dynamic spirit.  When I am not, like today, I can be restless because I want to have more energy than I do.  I am not used to just take it easy and “do nothing.”  Our souls know who we really are and realizes a much larger and inclusive picture of us than we comprehend from just one lifetime.  The rest of “who we really are,” hides in the background of our consciousness.

I lean on the presence of Spirit right now, in this moment of difficulty, knowing that it is passing quickly right by me.  I consciously and deliberately identify with the Omnipresence, affirming that any and all discomfort moves into the calm presence of love, harmony and inner peace.

Thank you – Beloved Source of Life and Soul Presence – Beloved Masters of all planes of existence, for the gifts of awareness and truth. And So It Is!

Know that “you” are always loved and supported.      Blessings,  Rev.  Barb













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