Moving through Difficulties

Victory in any challenge is often determined by the will to succeed.  All sorts of energy alignments happen when we make up our mind to see beyond the difficulty, ask for help from our angels, masters and inner guidance.  I am clear that the will power that came through me was from a poDSCN2024wer much greater than my own.

Last month I heard that I had a tumor behind my left eye that was pressuring both my eye and my brain.  Ironically it was in the general area of my third eye.  The moment I heard the news, my habits of using the power of prayer kicked into gear.  I asked Spirit for help.   I was led to request support from my spiritual community, my ministerial colleagues, and individual friends that practice the presence all of the time.  What an amazing group of faithful, heart centered souls, came forth and said “yes” I will know the truth with you.   The power of prayer is awesome indeed.

One week ago the surgery on my sinus’ to remove a mass and repair the nasal areas that were impacting my eyes and brain took place.  My prayer was that “only the hands of God are upon me” through everyone who has anything to do with this procedure.  I affirmed “I see with the eyes of God,” and better than before.

I was gently and sweetly walked through every step.  Awesome Ananda community members and several loving friends supported me in so many ways.  Each one reflected the kind attitude of service, friendship and huge hearts of gold that mirror the “Practice of the Presence.”

When I got home from the surgery (same day) I had a message that revealed that food would be brought to me so I did not have to concern myself with anything but healing.  I have more food in my refrigerator than I can consume.

I am so grateful to Spirit, my Ananda gurubai’s, my loving friends and family for helping anchor the “high watch”.   One week later I am doing so incredibly well.   My friends at Ananda were surprised to see me one week later.  I was able to drive my car, handle some light weight errands and show up healed (mostly) from a journey through a passing experience and challenge.

Whatever we have to face, it all works so much better when we share it with God and the Masters, our loved ones.  Thank you all for the many ways that you shared your love,  I am deeply touched.

Know that you are Loved!       Rev. Barb

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