Observe Yourself

One of my daily practices is observing my thoughts.  I pay close attention to what I am feeling about the thoughts that occupy my mind.   My feelings and energy always produce the outcomes of my day.  If I don’t like what I am experiencing, I ask myself if I want to plant more seeds like the ones I am experiencing in the moment.   If I keep my mind and heart in the same place, there is no doubt that I will create more of the same.  If I want different results I must think a new thought and create a new energy to carry that wisdom into a new vision and affirmative decision.


When I observe how I am feeling about life and especially myself, I have to ask –  am I being seduced by the shadow instead of the light?  We are living in very unusual times when it is tough to tell the difference between in some circumstances.  The line of delineation has gotten very foggy in these very media driven times.

I ask myself, am I being helpful and bringing forth the truth or am I being seduced by the separated ego that can be caught up in the shadows of fear, competition, comparison, the highs and lows of life.  We are here on the planet to become self realized.  Our destiny is to rise to a greater octave and attunement by fully realizing who we really are as children of the most high.  When we fall into the hands of dark thoughts, attitudes, separation and fear we loose our way and stand in the fog of mis-perception and identifying ourselves with darkness instead of the light of our divinity.   That is when we will hide out and drug ourselves with food, alcohol, drugs, sexuality, shopping, busyness, diversions that take on many shades and hues.

We can grow beyond this separating strategies as we observe what is going on within us.  All spiritual paths ask us to be aware of our thoughts and actions.  It is a deliberate and conscious practice using our will to forgive ourselves and others for the millions of times we will fall short of our highest potential.  We simply cannot ever give up.  The times we are living in calls for great diligence.  To me it means staying the course of my spiritual practice even when it is not easy.  Making progress on our spiritual path won’t be easy, but it is always very rewarding.  It will prove to be a blessing for ourselves and others in the days to come.  It is an investment in the future – because for whatever reason – we were all born into a time of great change.  We choose to support the expansion of the light or we will drift into the dark shadows and not ever recognize that we are consumed by something more powerful than our individual ego.  I ask myself, am I expanding or contracting my consciousness in this moment.

I believe in you.  I know you are a child of the most high, deserving of your good.  Accept it with me and see an increasing opening of the doors of love within your own heart.  We must have that compassion for ourselves as we observe where we are – and then we can have a much greater capacity to be of service to others.   Remember – whoever you judge is just a mirror of yourself.  Whatever you project outside of yourself – is a mirror of what is going on inside of you somewhere. We are looking at life from a caterpillars vantage point and we are butterflies within the fragile moments of life – inspired to be an opening for a more expansive awareness.

I pray that these words can support you in some way.   Hopefully this lifts your heart and inspires you to keep going deeper in your own practices.   Keep exploring, practicing and expanding your spiritual realization and know it will bring greater joy and happiness into your life.

Affirm with me:   I live in the faith and trust that God’s wisdom and truth are active within me.  Within my inner most being, I am guided by love, lifted into my heart and guided into right actions.  I attune myself to Spirit and I Practice the Presence in every conscious moment of my life.  I release the opinions of others and any desire for their approval or fear of their judgment.  I am free in the Spirit and I only live for God.    And So It Is!

Know that you are loved.   Joy,  Rev Barb

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