Progress or Perfection part 1

Do you get caught up in the perfection trap?  I was looking at how easily any of us can shift from being joyful and centered to being thrown off balance.  This shows up for me when I am not feeling supported, approved of, accepted or treated with respect and kindness.  That is when some old shoulda’s come up about not being perfect.

My spiritual growth is about making a little progress each day.  It requires us to observe the issues that trip us up so that we can understand the hooks that knock us off balance.  These inner stories can pull us into dynamics that divert us from our center.  Staying positive does not preclude the need to be the observer of our process.

As I observed myself in my own process, I noticed that sometimes when I took significant leaps of faith to grow, expand and improve myself there were times when I might hit a wall.  During those times I was deliberately intending to shift out of life long patterns or circumstances that I wanted to be free of.   Sometimes, I encounter something within me that pops up to the surface.  If fear grabs me and if I’m not trusting in a power greater than I am to heal and transform it, I unconsciously misdirect the law and add to the blaze of pain and suffering.   I do not make the law, I use it, and it works for me.  It is done unto us as we believe, it is not done by us.

I began to observe polar opposites that were showing up all around me.  Highs and lows, peace and conflict, love and judgment, likes and dislikes, consideration and rudeness, kindness and cutting harshness, harmony and discord, order and chaos.

Joy and Blessings!  Know that you are deeply loved!   Rev. Barb






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