Progress or Perfection part 3

During my process it surely felt like my Spiritual Freedom had been at stake and any time it does, I have to surrender all thoughts that push me with pain.  l don’t choose to be weighed down by negativity of any kind parading as something else in disguise.

Dr. Michael Beckwith said we are either pushed by pain or pulled by vision.  Any time I get hooked by old mental thoughts they are pushing me with pain.  These obstacles cause me to question myself and I briefly wonder if my tools are still working as well as they had been.  If I don’t surrender right then – I lose the power to lift myself out of reactive triggers that strike each time I make a commitment to grow.  A few scenarios are:  I am focused on going more deeply into my spiritual practice, or working on writing more often, or maybe I am realizing that I have to market myself a lot more to find spiritual centers where I can speak and do workshops.  In those moments of intention, an old voice of “not enough” can come up right in my face and it appears to have the power to wipe out the joyful energy that I have to do the work needed – to expand and serve spirit at ever higher levels.

I know that freeing myself and others from emotional triggers is an important part of the work I am here to do.  I know that I am here to support the transformation of old beliefs and help others “face the mirror” of emotions that keeps us trapped in “not enough.”

If you are experiencing anything like this in your life – do not give up the battleJust don’t go it alone!  I know it feels like some dark force is opposing you and is trying to sabotage your progress.  It must be our own shadows, the unhealed part of us that prevents us from using the tools we already have to empower and realize our truth – our good- right now!

I am clear that my life is dedicated to sharing my process and the spiritual tools that help me realize my truth and connect with the “Powerful Presence.”  Relying on my power alone has not worked, or when it does, it is not for long.  I am not an isolated soul because like everyone, I am part of a greater whole, that lives, moves and expresses as me.  Forgetting that I might feel like I cannot overcome the obstacles I encounter – especially when I am stuck in a blind spot within myself.

I simply must surrender to Spirit.  I am not the power I use the power.  I rely on Divine Partnership that is always available to me – and when I hit the slip and slide of the unconscious mind – it is like being in a thick fog that clings to the shore of limiting beliefs.  I call out to spirit and ask for help.  As soon as I surrender to this power greater than my personality, I am lifted to the realms of greater possibilities.  And I it do it again, and again and again and again.

Joy and Blessings!

Know that you are Loved!  Rev. Barb

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