Being a Beneficial Presence

Choose to be a Positive Energy Force in the World

With every conscious breath we take….. we can choose to be a Beneficial Presence.   We influence the energy coming through us.

Being a Beneficial Presence –  appeals to me and over the years of my Spiritual Journey – it’s been a beacon of light for me.  I check into my thoughts, attitudes and actions and see if I am on or off course.

I ask myself –  are my thoughts, attitudes and actions uplifting and expansive or are they contractive?    Am I being kind and forgiving on all levels; physically, emotionally, spiritually and is my energy congruent “Energetically,” because if it is, it will feel like it to you and others.

Do I extend the grace I desire for myself to others?

Tool for Spiritual Growth: The Sandbox Test

The greatest laboratories for Spiritual Growth reveal how we really are doing.  It is easy to find, just find a place to work with others.

It always presents the “Sandbox Test.”   I believe God gives us many reminders of what children are taught in kindergarten:

  •  Play Nice
  •  Share our Toys –
  •  Don’t throw Stuff…. in others faces
  •  Learn to Build the beautiful things – not Destroy.

I have discovered that most of us need healthy feedback systems in place to realize how we are doing…. so we don’t fool ourselves.

Anyone can see how they are really doing by working with others on projects, in group settings,  and on teams.   One of the most revealing is being a Volunteer.  It is great for a leader to join a team where they are not in leadership and instead are simply one member of the team.

Working together we are blessed with many opportunities to work through three areas that everyone on Earth faces, repeatedly.

Dive deep into introspection ask yourself:

  • How do I deal with Issues of Control?
  • Am I in Competitive or Cooperative?
  • Are my Communication Skills are working or not?

Always Be Open to Change

Working with others endows us with life skills — like little else.   We are never too old to grow and learn to be more forgiving with ourselves and others.   When I work with some younger people, I see things in them that I used to struggle with myself and it can be challenging to be tolerant of their growing process.

We are never beyond the age of realizing that competing with others is not as joyful as Opening our Hearts to them and welcoming them to a safe place in the Family of God.

We are never too Masterful in our Communication Skills.  There is always more to learn.  Closed doors to open and remodels to construct that will place windows of understanding between ourselves, our loved ones, our communities and our world.

Next time you have an opportunity to work with others… use it to check in.   Perhaps you will determine that you want to increase your experience of Being a Beneficial Presence.

That’s who you really are!

Blessings and Joy.  Know that you are deeply Loved!

Rev. Barb Walley