Emotional Freedom: Part 1

How to Be Happy All the Time

Lately I have been working with one of my favorite books about “How to be Happy All of the Time.  It is filled with the wisdom of Paramahansa Yogananda.  Like all wisdom teachings, he passes the responsibility for how we are feeling, right back to us.  He clearly relates that happiness is a decision that we make.  If you would like to find a copy of this great little book, it fits in my purse, you can buy it at crystalclarity.org.

When I first decided to make an effort to be happier, admittedly there were a few lingering doubts that I could even accomplish this.  I believed in the power to change my mind, my thoughts, my attitudes….. yet I was not sure I could change my emotional tenor or permanently change my outlook, but I was willing to give it a try.  And then I realized I had to make a much more affirmative decision about this if I was going to make some progress.  So I did.

So when I first decided to be happy, I saw that in the moments when we feel most challenged, we have to have an opening within ourselves that believes that it is possible.  Even if things are not going the way we think they should be, we can still be happy.  Even if all of our ducks are flying out of formation, we can be happy.  Even if I am not fully “enlightened” nor a millionaire. I was going to be happy whether or not I get to travel the whole world and see every awesome place and creation.   I can still be joyful, and feel an inner peace and calm of knowing that I live in divine partnership and I will always be OK.  I am learning to be grateful for what I have, whether I have a lot of money in the bank or not, or if I am a success or a failure by my own or the worlds standards, I can still be happy. I was not willing to suffer any longer because I gave too much value to other peoples opinions of me, good or not.   I have the power to decide to be happy and joyful whether I have a life partner to share my life with or not.  I make that decision and nothing outside of myself can determine that.

Life changes and we must be able to make room for the unexpected directions that it takes.  We are not in control of everyone and everything. In truth, we barely have control over ourselves.   We are, however able to choose to be happy or not to be happy.  It is a new pattern that we create within ourselves.  You can choose open yourself to the Omnipresent love, joy and inner peace, over and over again, whenever a dark shadow falls upon your mental or emotional household.   You can learn to release a new causation by making a fresh new decision to release the emotional burdens and declare your freedom to be happier and healthier person.  You can still find joy and peace within.  It comes from the Infinite Super-Conscious realm and each one of us choose to foster that connection.  Through the use of ageless wisdom and well tested spiritual technologies, you can reach into the higher dimensions of divine mind and create a new pathway that the frontal lobe of your brain will connect to.  We are not our bodies, we have bodies.  We are Spirit!

Choosing to be Happy

If you are suffering like I was, you might be thinking, well I did not choose to be unhappy, so if I don’t want it, why am I feeling so nuts right now?  I don’t want to ride this emotional roller coaster up and down, and down and down further.  Am I lost in a maze of discontent or can I really break free?

My first peak at freedom was simply an awareness that I wanted to be free.  I was willing to give my very best to grow beyond the daily mood swings.  I learned to become an observer of myself and life.  I had to stop judging myself.  I have had a few periods in my life when my life was so hard for me.  I had extreme highs and lows in my emotional life and I’ve struggled with the unhealed feelings that stirred within me.  For most of my youth I believed that life was happening to me.  I had no clue how to take responsibility for what I was feeling, nor did I have any models to show me how to shift.  I had many dramatic examples of suffering and the endless ways I could pass my upset over to others.  I was not willing to live like this any longer.  I went looking for solutions.

I realized I was unhappy every time I wanted a different outcome other than the one I had.  When the reflection in the mirror of my life did not fit the way I thought it should be, or how I wanted it to be, or to look like, feel like, or sound like, I was caught in a web of discontent.

The short story is  I decided to be happy anyway.  I was going to be happier person within myself whether I liked what was going on or not, I would find a way.  It enabled me to let go of some of the judgments that automatically came up when I struggled with wanting control over people, places, situations, and things that I have no control over anyway.  This is what kept me from feeling free.  I began to tell myself the whole truth.  I learned day by day, step by step to stop beating myself up for what I judged was wrong with me.  The outcomes and the struggles with shoulda, woulda, and coulda.  The endless repetition of I should have done this.  If only I would have done that instead.  Can you relate to this?

More to come…. On this subject in the next post (Emotional Freedom: Part 2).    Know that you are loved deeply.   Blessings,  Rev. Barb

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